5 Ways Chiropractic Care Improves Athletic Performance

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Of all the incredibly talented, top-tier athletes in the world, about 90% of them are under regular chiropractic care. Every professional sports team works with a chiropractor, and countless pro athletes have sung praises of their chiropractors and how chiropractic care has helped them be a better athlete.

If the world’s best are embracing chiropractic care, it makes sense that amateur athletes, gym enthusiasts, weekend warriors, and child athletes should do the same. It doesn’t matter if you’re just getting started on a healthy lifestyle journey or if you’re at the top of your game in your chosen sport—chiropractic offers incredible benefits for anyone and everyone who seeks to improve their overall health and fitness level. Check out our top four ways that chiropractic care improves athletic performance.

#1. It helps you recover from workouts.

When you work out, your muscles break down, and then as you recover from the workout with proper nourishment, your muscle cells grow and become stronger and more durable. Every athlete wants to give his or her body the best chance at recovering quickly and effectively, and chiropractic care will help improve overall body function and speed up recovery time, making the most of every workout you complete.

#2. It shortens healing and recovery time after injuries.

When your brain-body connection is free from interference and miscommunications, it can heal itself faster and much more thoroughly. For those under chiropractic care, downtime after an injury is significantly shorter than those not under care, and they typically get back to full strength and capabilities after an injury.

#3. It improves balance, agility, and response time.

A study done in 1991 compared a variety of factors of 50 athletes, half of which were under chiropractic care and half of which were not. The tests were done before and after the study period, and included assessments for balance, agility, response time, and more. Those under chiropractic care showed a significant improvement in every single test, whereas the control group showed only minor improvements in some of the tests.

#4. It improves overall wellness.

Chiropractic is focused on optimizing overall health. So even if you’re primarily receiving adjustments to heal from an injury or to improve your reaction time, your entire body will be positively impacted by being under chiropractic care. When you’re functioning better, you feel better, which means you can put more time and energy into perfecting your skills in the sport that you love.

#5. It reduces sicknesses.     

No one likes being sick, but athletes who get sick often tend to see the impact of that in their athletic performance. When you get sick often or severely, it lessens your time to train and you may even miss a game or important sporting event. Being healthier through chiropractic care will not only improve your athletic performance and speed up your recovery time, but it will also boost your immune system, reduce sick days, and improve your productivity in the gym or on the field.

If you or your child is an aspiring athlete or want to improve your athletic performance, get in touch with Greater Life Chiropractic, Dr. Grant Lisetor. Dr. Grant has seen first-hand the healing power of chiropractic and how it can make individuals into stronger, better, and more successful athletes, so give him a call today!

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