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Benefits of Stretching for Chiropractic Practice Members

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We often think of stretching as an activity to be done prior to working out, but you don’t have to be athletic to focus on stretching every day. Stretching is shown to have many benefits and is actually catching on as a health routine of its own. Stretching studios have begun to spring up nationwide to assist in this area specifically. These studios feature classes that are similar to yoga, focusing on flexibility and relaxation while also helping Americans to get more exercise and recover from any other exercise they have engaged in. Whether you regularly visit a Charlotte chiropractor or you’re just beginning to look into it, stretching can have a number of benefits that complement chiropractic care.

Why Stretching Matters

Stretching regularly helps muscles stay strong and gain flexibility, which keep our bodies moving correctly and prevent pain. Muscles that are not regularly stretched may become sore, weak, tight, or even painful. They also create risk for joint issues, as well as strains and tears. A muscle that is injured can struggle to support joints and your spine, causing further issues. While stretching prevents a lot of this from occurring, if you do suffer from any joint or muscle pain, visiting Dr. Grant Lisetor at Greater Life Chiropractic can accompany your stretching efforts in promoting healing with chiropractic adjustments that realign anything that isn’t as it should be.

In addition to preventing these issues, stretching can also help to create other positive changes in the body. These may include improving posture, aiding digestion, and increasing range of motion. If you work a job where you sit all day, getting up periodically to stretch can be especially important for your general health. Dr. Lisetor recommends setting up reminders on your desktop or phone to stand up, stretch, or walk around at regular intervals.

Common Mistakes in Stretching

While stretching is important, it is equally as pivotal to make sure that you are stretching correctly. Stretching incorrectly can cause more damage than not undergoing the practice in the first place, so Greater Life Chiropractic recommends taking caution to avoid common mistakes. Gentle stretching is the best practice, especially for anyone starting out. You do not necessarily have to feel pain or strain when stretching like you might expect from a workout, but instead should feel mild tension held over a longer period of time.

It’s also important to make sure you are stretching the proper muscles. Though we can’t see the connections, our body is intertwined, and pain in one area may actually be caused by issues elsewhere. If you are stretching to alleviate a certain pain, you may not want to focus strictly on that area. Rather than focusing on the location of the pain, focus on the root cause and the overall reaction your body is having.

Visiting Greater Life chiropractic will allow you to be assessed for any underlying issues causing your pain and help make your stretching more targeted and effective. Contact us today to book your first appointment.




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