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Can Chiropractic Alleviate Muscle Cramps?

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Cramping of the muscles can be both annoying and painful, and it can also lead to overtightened muscles and restricted movement.  Muscle cramping can be caused by many issues, such as vitamin deficiency or dehydration, or it can be part of a bigger issue.  While drinking more water or taking vitamins can help to reduce the frequency of muscle cramps, chiropractic can be a great way to treat more serious and frequent muscle cramping.

How Can I Treat Muscle Cramps?

Some types of cramps are simple to treat.  It could be as easy as applying ice, heat, or a topical cream to alleviate muscle cramps.  However, muscle cramping that happens more frequently, known as chronic muscle cramps, might not respond to more simple methods of treatment.  Muscles get used every day, and overuse can lead to frequent cramping.  Visit a doctor to find out more about why you are experiencing chronic muscle cramping.  Also keep in mind that a Charlotte chiropractor can help alleviate frequent muscle cramps.

How Can Chiropractic Help?

According to case studies, muscle cramping might be caused by subluxations of the spine.  Dr. Grant Lisetor, a Charlotte chiropractor, will determine where misalignments are located along the spine and perform a gentle adjustment to correct the misalignment.  He may also explore joint and muscle movement in order to pinpoint what is causing muscle cramping.  Chiropractic seeks to treat the root of the problem and not just mask the problem, and proper alignment of the spine increases movement and muscle tone and decreases muscle cramping.  Chiropractic adjustments, along with focusing on the dynamics of movement, can prevent muscle cramps from occurring so you can feel relief.

Who Suffers from Muscle Cramps?

Muscle cramps can affect people of all ages.  Adults and children alike complain of muscle cramp pains.  In fact, one case study focused on an 11-year-old girl with chronic allergies accompanied by muscle cramps.  She was being treated with medications but wanted an alternative option so she sought chiropractic care.  Upon initial evaluation, a chiropractor noticed poor posture, subluxations, and an abnormal curve of the spine.  After a total of 27 visits, the 11-year-old girl noticed such a difference that she was able to discontinue use of all medications.  Another case studying involving 4 children with cerebral palsy and muscle cramping showed that chiropractic can be an effective way to manage muscle cramps. A chiropractor examined their spines and removed subluxations.  After several months of consistent chiropractic care, muscle cramps diminished and overall mobility and function improved.


If you are an adult or child that suffers from frequent muscle cramps, don’t wait any longer.  These case studies show positive results that prove chiropractic care is a natural and safe solution for muscle cramping.  Contact Dr. Grant Lisetor of Greater Life Chiropractic today to find out more about how chiropractic care in Charlotte, NC can alleviate symptoms of muscle cramps so you can live free from pain and immobility.

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