Can Subluxations Go Away On Their Own?

The human body is a complex and fragile system, but it is also remarkable. Each piece of the body works together to carry us through life and withstands quite a lot of pain and setbacks. Many times, the body is able to heal on its own: for example, we’ve all gotten past a common cold at some point or had a cut that takes care of itself. But there are times the body needs help to heal itself. One example can be a spinal subluxation – while these misalignments can sometimes resolve with no help, they are best addressed by a Charlotte chiropractor.


The term subluxation refers to any sort of misalignment that can arise in the spine. When any of the joints in your spine are partially or fully dislocated, this is a subluxation. Often, you’ll notice symptoms of this, like pain and swelling in a certain area, difficulty moving, numbness, or bruising. But it is also possible for a misalignment to have no obvious symptoms and, instead, internally cause chaos. A subluxation can result in pressure on the nerves over time, which can lead to more serious problems or worse versions of these symptoms.

Misalignments can arise for a variety of reasons. Any trauma to the body, like a fall or a car accident, can bring them on quickly. Even emotional or chemical stress can instigate a subluxation. However, most of the time, they are the result of repetitive movements or stressors, like poor posture or sleeping in an odd position.


A small, minor subluxation can certainly resolve on its own, especially in an otherwise healthy person. Normal activities like walking, bending, stretching, and moving can help the spine readjust and reposition itself easily. However, in most cases, the subluxation requires more than this to be repaired, or it will continue to worsen or happen again in other areas without treatment of the root cause.

The best way to address a subluxation is to see a Charlotte chiropractor like Dr. Grant Lisetor, who will be able to perform an adjustment. These adjustments are a manual way of changing the position of your spinal joints so they are returned to the proper place and relieve pressure on your nerves.

With chiropractic care, the first goal will be to apply specific and precise force to your back to remove the subluxation. But Charlotte chiropractic care is holistic, and the doctor will ensure that your entire spine is aligned and you are not at risk of any further injury or symptoms. The body can then return to its optimal position and nerve function, which leads to an improvement in overall health and a reduction in future problems.

If you are experiencing any symptoms of a subluxation, or simply want to ensure your body is functioning optimally, book an appointment with Greater Life Chiropractic in Charlotte today. Dr. Grant Lisetor will perform a full evaluation and adjust your spine so that you can begin your journey to improved health now.


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