Everywhere you look in magazines, on television, and as you scroll through your news or social media feed, you are being passively coached on various weight loss techniques. Nearly everyone has an opinion or a quick fix that is all but guaranteed to melt away fat and give you your dream figure. As most people understand, however, achieving fitness and health goals rarely comes so easily and is much more a matter of continued maintenance than a they are an overnight solution. This is where chiropractic care from your Charlotte chiropractor can be of assistance.

Your journey to a healthier you begins with diet and exercise, but it could be fast-tracked through routine chiropractic adjustments. Once you have implemented a regimen of clean eating and effective workouts, you are in a prime spot to shed inches, drop pounds, and feel better. Also, make sure your food choices aren’t based around common food myths or fad diets.

How Does Chiropractic Address Weight Problems and Obesity? 

It is no secret that obesity is an epidemic in this country and that this issue touches most families and communities without exception. When taking a myriad of sources into account, it seems some 1 in 3 adults are overweight, while a slightly smaller number struggle with obesity. Unfortunately, even being just a bit overweight can have a negative impact on your overall health. Chiropractic can help you overcome obesity and alleviate weight-related pain with the use of adjustments. When a chiropractor adjusts a practice member, they help to return the spine, and by extension, the entire body, to its proper function.

All bodily functions and systems are controlled by the brain through the central nervous system. When nerve function is not working properly, the body can experience pain and imbalances. If a chiropractor like Dr. Grant Lisetor of Greater Life Chiropractic can help to restore proper function to the body, he can also help to relieve pain and issues caused by obesity. When the body’s foundational systems are “reset” to normal, the body can participate more aggressively in the weight loss process.

What Practical Results Can You Expect to See?

When your chiropractor and “weight loss helper” intervenes and helps to properly align your spine, you should see your weight loss efforts improve because your whole body is functioning better than it used to. Obesity affects most of the body in terms of stress and decreased function. Upon receiving adjustments, your joints that used to be swollen and inflexible will regain some of their range of motion because the inflammation has subsided and proper blood flow is increased. The lower back, which used to be in pain, will likely feel some relief because the spine isn’t being asked to support so much weight. As you become serious in your weight loss efforts, your body will respond more quickly to chiropractic adjustments, because your body isn’t suffering from as much strain on a day to day basis. Chiropractors like Dr. Grant can generally provide a great deal of the “feeling better” component of reaching weight loss milestones. After all, pain and other health issues are typically the reasons individuals finally decide to get healthy.

If you have been living a life that is less full than you desire because of excess weight or obesity, you owe it to yourself to consult with a Charlotte chiropractor in order to optimize your health goals. Weight loss is a path you have to walk largely on your own, but your chiropractor would be more than happy to help you along by keeping your frame in alignment. Contact Greater Life Chiropractic today to schedule your consultation!



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