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Chiropractic Care After Birth Trauma

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No matter how quick or easy of a delivery you may have had, delivering a baby can be traumatic for both mom and baby.  Both quick labors and long labors can take a toll on the body.  Most women anticipate an easy birth, but the truth is we simply can’t control the delivery process.  Babies may be stuck at an odd angle and have a hard time getting into proper birthing position.  Sometimes even the delivery itself can be traumatic for the infant.  Occasionally, significant birth trauma can occur, such as damage to bones or nerves.  Some nerve complications that can arise during birth because of trauma are Bell’s Palsy (damage to the facial nerve) or brachial plexus injury (damage to the nerves that connect the spinal cord to the baby’s arms and hands). Complications can occur that affect the baby’s spinal health and lead to short-term or long-term effects.  If you have recently given birth, whether it was a traumatic birth or not, consider what chiropractic care from a Charlotte chiropractor can do for you.

What Are the Effects of Birth Trauma?

Even the most gentle and noninvasive birth can still lead to birth trauma.  However, more invasive birthing interventions, such as the use of forceps or a vacuum to deliver the baby or even the extreme option of having a C-Section, can cause problems for both mom and baby.  Even pulling and tugging on the baby during delivery can lead to significant birth trauma such as nerve damage.  A traumatic birth can lead to post traumatic stress disorder, and it can also increase the likelihood of postpartum depression.  Moms and babies who have a difficult birth may have trouble with the basics, such as developing the mother-child bond or breastfeeding.  A challenging entrance into the world for babies can have a significant impact on their neck and spine.  Unfortunately, misalignments of the spine can be the result of birth trauma, and they can lead to many present and future health and wellness concerns. Thankfully, Charlotte chiropractor Dr. Grant Lisetor can ease the transition for mom and baby for a better after-birth experience.

Spinal Misalignments Impact Overall Health

You may know that some babies experience traumatic births, but you probably suspect that most births are not traumatic. And even for those with traumatic experiences, don’t they recover quickly afterwards?  If these are your thoughts, you may be surprised to find out otherwise.  Spinal misalignments caused by birth trauma can significantly impact a newborn baby’s health. Not only can spinal misalignments cause feeding problems for baby, but they can also cause baby to be fussy or have trouble sleeping.  Spinal misalignments can cause long-term health effects as well, like digestion issues or irregular sleep habits.  Babies with more traumatic births that require birthing interventions have been known to be more susceptible to jaundice or lower body temperatures that can require further medical intervention.  Children born with birthing interventions are also more likely to suffer from diabetes, obesity, or respiratory problems as they get older.  Spinal misalignments have such an impact on a baby’s short- and long-term health that they should be addressed as soon as possible after birth.

Chiropractic Care Is Beneficial For Babies After a Traumatic Birth

While it is important to correct spinal misalignments in babies, many parents may feel that chiropractic care is unsafe or harmful for infants and children.  The truth is that chiropractic care is gentle, safe, and noninvasive for people of all ages, including the tiniest of newborn babies.  Dr. Grant Lisetor of Greater Life Chiropractic uses gentle techniques to correct spinal misalignments in babies to restore the function of the central nervous system.  When misalignment are removed, the brain and body can communicate as it should so baby can be happy and healthy, even after a traumatic birth.  Neurologically-based chiropractic care can also improve even the most traumatic of birth injuries, such as nerve damage that may have occurred during delivery which could be causing pain and discomfort for your little one.

No matter what kind of birth you experienced, chiropractic care can be incredibly beneficial for both mom and baby.  Find out more when you schedule an appointment with Dr. Lisetor of Greater Life Chiropractic.




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