Chiropractic Care as Women’s Routine Care

Chiropractic care is one of the most universally valuable kinds of care there is. Everyone from birth to old age can find some benefit in the practice, and even the healthiest individuals likely could use an adjustment. But it is also true that different people have different health needs, especially women. Along with annual visits to the gynecologist, taking certain vitamins, and more, women can benefit from regular adjustments from a chiropractor in Charlotte, NC to manage their unique needs and concerns.

Women’s Health Needs

The majority of women’s concerns regarding their health are the same as men’s – things like heart disease, cancer, immune health, and mental health are all critical to manage in any person. Though the prevalence of some conditions vary by gender and other factors, routine care looks the same across most individuals.

However, some things are much more prevalent in women. For example, women are much more likely to worry about their weight than men, and the way their bodies hold onto fat and metabolize food is different at the biological level. Women also tend to experience pain in different areas of the body than men.

And of course, women uniquely deal with things like menstrual health, cramps, PMS, and related conditions. Women also can become pregnant and give birth, and they need to manage the postpartum impact of these processes. Women are subject to annual exams that men are not, contributing to their routine health needs.

Improving Women’s Health

To improve women’s health overall, there is no single magic bullet. Some things are in their control, like getting regular exercise and consuming a healthy diet. Maintaining low stress is also key for anyone’s health. Based on an individual’s needs, this can include mental health care like therapy or simple activities like reading or taking a bath. Each person may also have unique needs for medications and medical treatments that work well with their body.

But the best thing we can do to improve anyone’s health is to focus on prevention and proactive care. This is why women are checked routinely for evidence of breast cancer and cervical cancer – to ensure a proactive approach and avoid illness wherever possible. And no method of healthcare does a better job at prevention than a Charlotte chiropractor.

Chiropractic Care for Women

Women visit us at Greater Life Chiropractic for a variety of reasons – the most common is pain. Whether this is stiffness in the joints, nerve pain, headache pain, or generalized aching, Dr. Grant Lisetor sees women every day who need spinal adjustments to help maintain alignment and avoid pain throughout the body.

It is also common for women to seek out a Charlotte chiropractor during and after pregnancy. Adjustments can not only reduce the aches and pains of pregnancy, but they can also help with properly positioning the baby and optimizing the body for labor, as well as improve the recovery of pelvic muscles after birth.

Whatever your needs are, Dr. Grant Lisetor is here to ensure that chiropractic care is a beneficial part of your routine health. Contact us today to schedule a visit and begin feeling better!


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