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Chiropractic Care for Bursitis

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Bursitis is a condition that occurs due to repetitive motion. The bursa sac around the joints is filled with fluid to cushion and protect the joints. Repetitive motion and overuse of the joint can cause the bursa to become inflamed, leading to swelling, tenderness, and pain of the joint. Tennis elbow is a type of bursitis, but this condition can affect a number of other joints and vary in pain levels. If you are suffering from bursitis, you may be desperate for relief. In desperation, many turn to medication, but medications only act as a band aid, masking symptoms for a short time. When bursitis returns, you are back to square one again. For lasting relief that addresses the root cause of the issue, consider chiropractic care from a Charlotte chiropractor.

Who Is Affected by Bursitis?

Although bursitis mostly affects those over the age of 40, it can impact anyone, men and women alike. If you have a job or hobby that requires repetitive motion, such as painting, gardening, shoveling, raking, golfing, or playing tennis, you are more likely to develop bursitis.  For some, symptoms can come on immediately and strongly, while for others it may be a gradual increase in pain. In some instances, more severe cases of bursitis can lead to other conditions such as frozen shoulder. Whether your bursitis pain is mild or severe, a Charlotte chiropractor can help to alleviate symptoms and pain so you can resume normal activity once again.

Types of Bursitis

There are several different types of bursitis that can affect various parts of the body. The most commonly affected body parts are the shoulder, elbow, knee, and hip joints.  Bursitis of the knee is also called goosefoot bursitis.  This type of pain is located between the shin and the three tendons that make up the hamstring.  Kneecap bursitis is commonly referred to as prepatellar bursitis and is common in those who work on their knees, such as carpet layers and plumbers.  Elbow bursitis pain is felt in the olecranon bursa right between the skin and elbow bones.  Trochanteric bursitis, or hip bursitis, can develop from overuse, arthritis of the hip, or after surgical procedures.  It is most common in older people, especially women.  All types of bursitis are painful and can affect quality of life.  Don’t let bursitis keep you down.  Instead, find help from Dr. Lisetor of Greater Life Chiropractic.

Find Lasting Relief with Chiropractic Care

Routine chiropractic care with Charlotte chiropractor Dr. Grant Lisetor is a natural and safe way to find lasting relief from the swelling and pain caused by bursitis.  Over-the-counter medications don’t get to the root of the issue, which is why medications don’t seem to work long-term.  Gentle chiropractic adjustments can reduce inflammation and joint restriction caused by bursitis.  Spinal misalignments are commonly the root cause of bursitis pain as they disrupt central nervous system communication and cause dysfunction within the body. Dr. Lisetor will pinpoint misalignments and correct them with safe and natural adjustments to ease bursitis pain once and for all.

If you suffer from bursitis pain, you don’t have to live with it any longer.  Schedule your consultation with Dr. Lisetor of Greater Life Chiropractic today.




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