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Chiropractic Care for Your Sinus Problems

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Sinus pressure and pain are extremely uncomfortable feelings that can keep you from playing with your kids, performing at high levels at work, or even functioning normally on a day-to-day basis. Sinus problems can and will affect your life, and it can be very frustrating to deal with them.  Not only is the sinus pressure and pain extremely annoying, but it can also cause headaches and other issues that only add to your misery.  When you experience sinus pain, you may reach for medication to ease your discomfort, but it will only offer relief temporarily.  After the medication wears off, sinus pressure and pain returns with a vengeance.  Rest assured, you don’t have to simply accept sinus pain as a part of life.  There are long-term solutions to manage sinus problems, and they don’t have to involve surgery.  If you are seeking long-term relief, Charlotte chiropractic Dr. Grant Listor can ease your sinus pain and alleviate your sinus pressure.

How Can Chiropractic Care Relieve Sinus Problems?

If the immune system is functioning at optimal levels of health, the body is able to better fight off illness quickly or even before it begins, keeping us healthy and happy.  The central nervous system, composed of the brain and spinal cord, is what ultimately controls the health of the immune system.  If we have poor spinal health, we will have poor immune health as well.  Spinal subluxations, or misalignments of the spine, occur when vertebrae are twisted, turned, or shifted out of place.  These spinal misalignments directly affect our health and wellness as they can cause nerve interference that disrupts communication between the brain and the body.  If our brain cannot communicate with the rest of our body properly, it can’t function properly, leading to dysfunction in various body systems, including the sinuses. Many times, sinus pressure is caused by inflammation in the sinus cavities, but chiropractic care can reduce inflammation and bring about better immune response. A gentle and specific chiropractic adjustment from a Charlotte chiropractor will remove misalignments to reduce nerve interference so the body can once again function at high levels of health.

Chiropractic Care Is Beneficial for Overall Health

When we don’t take care of our bodies as we should, our immune response decreases, which means our ability to fight off illness also decreases, including sinus inflammation and infection.  We need a high-functioning immune system in order to rid the body of foreign substances and harmful toxins so that we can stay healthy.  Not only does chiropractic care boost the immune system, but it also improves the immune response so that we can easily fight off otherwise debilitating sinus problems.  When you seek chiropractic care from Charlotte chiropractor Dr. Lisetor, you will notice that your overall health and wellness will improve and you will feel much better than you have in a while.


If you struggle with sinus problems and are ready to live a happier, healthier life free from sinus pain and pressure, get in touch with Dr. Grant Lisetor of Greater Life Chiropractic.  Find out just how beneficial Charlotte chiropractic care can be for your health.

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