Chiropractic Care Is an Effective Option for Neuropathy Pain

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Neuropathy is commonly associated with diabetes and the peripheral nervous system. It covers a wide range of issues relating to nerves that are damaged throughout the body. While diabetes is a common cause of diabetic neuropathy, other forms of the condition may be caused by autoimmune disorders, infections, trauma, injury, tumors, vitamin deficiencies, alcoholism, medications, hereditary conditions, and more. Regardless of what is causing your neuropathy, chiropractic is an effective, safe, and natural solution to bring you relief quickly and permanently.

Symptoms of Neuropathy

Neuropathy pain originates with the nerves that are damaged, but when neuropathy is widespread, it can be difficult to pinpoint the point of origin. Additionally, since not all nerves have pain sensors, sometimes it can take a while to feel the symptoms of neuropathy, even though it has been present for a long time. The symptoms, however, will be based on the different types of nerves that are damaged.

Symptoms might include tingling or prickling sensations, muscle weakness, coordination problems, heat intolerance, skin sensitivity, blood pressure changes, bowel or bladder problems, and pain in times when you shouldn’t feel pain. The body has three primary types of nerves—sensory, motor, and autonomic—that will impact how and where you experience symptoms of neuropathy.

How Chiropractic Improves Neuropathy

Dr. Grant Lisetor is a chiropractor in Charlotte, NC who practices neurologically-based chiropractic care that aims to heal the body from the inside out. Rather than take medication to only cover up a problem, Dr. Grant approaches ailments, disease, and pain as an opportunity for the body to show off its amazing self-healing abilities. Neuropathy is simply an indication that something is amiss within the nervous system, and chiropractic is an effective means of improving the symptoms of this condition.

When one or more vertebrae in the spine are shifted or twisted even the smallest amount, the bones put pressure on nearby nerves and soft tissue. This causes an interruption in signals sent from the brain that are necessary to direct proper function of the body’s many systems. This interruption brings about dysfunction in a variety of ways and areas, and long-term, this dysfunction can lead to nerve damage.

While difficult to reverse, neuropathy can be treated effectively with natural and safe chiropractic care. When Dr. Grant realigns the spine with chiropractic adjustments, the flow of blood and neural transmissions is improved, which brings about healing and better health and wellness. While chiropractic care can result in immediate relief from some symptoms, it is best to be under regular care in order to get the full benefits of an aligned spine and optimally function nervous system.

In one case study, a young woman with hemiparesthesia (numbness or impaired sensation on one side of the body) sought chiropractic care for relief for this unique form of neuropathy. After just one visit to a chiropractor, she saw improvement in her symptoms, and after two weeks, she had no more pain, discomfort, or symptoms whatsoever.

To learn more about how Charlotte chiropractor Dr. Grant Lisetor can help improve your neuropathy or to schedule your consultation at Greater Life Chiropractic, contact him and his team today.


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