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Chiropractic vs. Drugs for Headaches

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Nine out of ten Americans complain of headaches. While a small number of these headaches (about 5%) are indicators of another problem, the majority of headaches are just simply headaches. The primary cause of headaches is believed to be tension in the neck muscles, most likely from remaining in the same position for extended periods of time or from stress.

How to Get Rid of Headaches for Good


If you’re dealing with tension headaches, cluster headaches, or migraines, either regularly or occasionally, don’t feel like they are just something you have to live with forever. While over the counter medicines can bring relief quickly, the cause of the headache is not being acknowledged and will simply return again.

As with any physical ailment or medical concern, getting to the root of the issue and dealing with fixing that is ideal. This will bring about both short- and long-term relief, leaving you healthier and happier now and in the future. No matter what the causes of your headaches are, chiropractic is the most effective way to combat them and experience both relief and healing.

Chiropractic Is an Effective Way to Minimize Headaches

Since chiropractic looks at your spine to determine if there is any nerve interference in your body, it is a great way to see what may be causing your headaches. No matter what type of headaches you have and how regularly they occur, there is likely a subluxation in your spine that is causing communication issues between your brain and the rest of your body. When that subluxation is corrected with a chiropractic adjustment, your nervous system can function properly,

leading the rest of your body to perform well also.

One case study looked at a woman in her 50s who had been experiencing monthly migraines for 40 years. Her migraines lasted for about 15 hours at a time and were accompanied by nausea, vomiting, photophobia, and visual disturbances. After receiving chiropractic adjustments, the woman reported complete relief from her migraines and the accompanying issues. At a six-month follow up with her chiropractor, she stated that she had not had a single migraine since being under chiropractic care.

Chiropractic Works Better Than Medication!

We know that today’s world is one of instant gratification, and the pharmaceutical world has absolutely taken advantage of it. No one wants to wait weeks or months for relief from an ailment, so there are medications for nearly everything with several of them promising instant relief. Unfortunately, once the medication wears off, the symptoms recur and the problem is no more resolved than it was before the pill was swallowed. Additionally, you have a slew of scary side effects that could occur from taking medication.

Thankfully, chiropractic is a safer alternative that has actually proven to be more effective in treating headaches than medication! One study compared the effects of chiropractic care to the use of the medication amitriptyline in treating chronic tension headaches. For six weeks, over one hundred people were given one of the two treatments and their improvement was recorded. While both groups saw a reduction in their headaches and complaints pretty evenly throughout the six weeks, it was when the treatments were halted that a significant difference was seen. Four weeks after stopping treatment, the group that was adjusted by a chiropractor reported a significant reduction in headache intensity, headache frequency, and over-the-counter medicine usage. Comparatively, the amitriptyline group saw no improvement, and some of them even saw a worsening of their original reported symptoms!! Additionally, several of the amitriptyline recipients complained of drowsiness, dry mouth, and weight gain while taking the medication.

If you’re ready to ditch the short-term relief for long-term resolution of headaches, contact Dr. Grant at Greater Life Chiropractic today!

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