Combatting Seasonal Allergies Naturally

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The spring ushers in warmer weather, longer days, beach vacations, and days at the pool. It may sound like a dream to spend every weekend outdoors until you actually go outdoors. You see the film of yellow all over your patio furniture and across your car, but you’re convinced that the pollen won’t get to you this year. You step outside, take a deep breath of warm spring air, and ahhhh choo! One sneeze comes after another, and before you know it, your eyes are puffy, your nose is dripping, and you feel the urge to claw at your itchy throat.

Seasonal allergies are no joke, especially in the south. They come around yearly and it’s nearly impossible to avoid them completely, seeing as how pollen and other allergens can even get into your home. You can take allergy medication, but that’s only a temporary fix, and it comes with side effects and can even make your allergies worse! But what do you do when your immune system has been assaulted by seasonal allergies and you come to dread going outdoors?

First, you schedule an appointment with Charlotte chiropractor Dr. Grant Lisetor. Neurologically-based chiropractic care is all about improving the overall function of your entire body, from the inside out, and that includes your immune responses and allergic reactions. After you’ve set up a consultation with Dr. Grant and his team at Greater Life Chiropractic, take note of these excellent natural strategies for improving seasonal allergies.

Reduce Stress

Stress of any kind wreaks havoc on your entire body. The pollen, ragweed, and other allergens cause stress on your central nervous system, and if you’re already stressed out, the stress can quickly compound to an unhealthy level. Reduce all areas of stress that you can, including your mental stress, your physical stress, and the things you put into your body that can cause chemical stress.

Eat Better

Yes, eating well is almost always a way to fight off anything that negatively impacts your health. That’s because nutrition is so incredibly important to your overall health and wellness, as well as the overall function of your body and its various systems. What you eat directly impacts your gut health, and that helps power your immune system, which is what ultimately is responsible for your body’s response to seasonal allergens. When you’re eating well and drinking enough water, you’re less likely to have severe seasonal allergies.

Consume Local Honey

Local honey has long been utilized as a natural and simple way to enhance your body’s ability to deal with seasonal allergens. The idea behind this is that when you consume honey, you’re ingesting a small amount of pollen, which allows your body to accept it as a non-threat, reducing allergic reactions to airborne pollen. While intake amount recommendations vary, you do need to make sure you’re consuming honey that was locally sourced, since the pollen in the honey needs to be the same as the pollen in the air for it to be effective. Add honey to tea, coffee, toast, yogurt, and more to maximize consumption and get the most benefits.

Clean Thoroughly

There’s a reason spring cleaning happens in the spring because it’s when so many common allergens are present outdoors and are then brought into homes on our clothing and shoes. During the spring, you should make sure to clean thoroughly and regularly. Dust shelving and vents, replace AC filters, vacuum, and sweep more often than usual. You should also try to keep your shoes at the door, wash and change your sheets more regularly, and try to keep windows and doors closed.

Go to the Chiropractor

Of course, our final and most emphatic suggestion for reducing seasonal allergies is to get under regular chiropractic care. When your spine is properly aligned, the nerves in and around it are able to transfer messages from the brain more effectively, meaning your entire body functions better. This improves your immune system health and reduces your body’s response to allergens, minimizing your seasonal allergic reactions. Studies have found that chiropractic care is extremely effective at reducing and sometimes even eliminating seasonal allergies, which can hugely impact the quality of life for allergy sufferers in Charlotte.

Get in touch with Dr. Grant Lisetor and his team at Greater Life Chiropractic today and get on the road to freedom from seasonal allergies.


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