Working 40 plus hours a week, especially hunched over a computer screen, can take a toll on one’s body.  High-stress jobs can lead to depression, diabetes, and elevated blood pressure, along with other medical problems.  For employers, high amounts of sick days can cost them billions of dollars, particularly when you account for employees not doing a full day’s work due to illness and hefty medical payouts.  Corporations may want to think about workplace wellness programs, such as corporate chiropractic care plans, to increase employee productivity and decrease sick days.

Chiropractic Care & the Immune System

Physical illnesses such as a common cold, the flu, hypertension, or diabetes can cause even the best employees to miss several days of work each year.  Chiropractic care has been linked to boosting the immune system, thus alleviating the number of physical ailments a person experiences each year and simultaneously reducing sick days.  Subluxations of the spine cause nerve interference between the brain and other body systems.  Removing any misalignments through chiropractic adjustments allows signals to pass freely throughout the body, allowing proper function of each of the body’s systems, including the immune system.  The better your immune system is functioning, the more easily it can fight off illnesses before they start and help the body heal from any illnesses it does acquire.

Back and Neck Pain

Common complaints among office workers include frequent back and neck pain.  Chiropractic care alleviates misalignments that cause back and neck pain.  When employees are free from pain, they are able to focus wholly on work, increasing productivity throughout the day.  Charlotte chiropractor Dr. Grant Lisetor offers wellness plans that businesses can take advantage of to decrease chronic pain in employees, thus increasing productivity and reducing missed days of work due to pain.

Psychological and Emotional Concerns

Physical illness isn’t the only reason employees miss work.  Psychological and emotional concerns can also cause missed days. Stress and depression are on the rise across the nation, and many employees are on medication to help manage their psychological and emotional needs.  However, medication is just a temporary fix as symptoms return once medication is out of the system.  Charlotte chiropractor Dr. Grant can get to the root of the problem by alleviating subluxations of the spine that interfere with functions of the endocrine system.  An adjustment can restore proper function to the glands that make up the endocrine system which will decrease the symptoms of stress and depression.  If you have missed work because of stress or depression, let Charlotte chiropractor Dr. Grant Lisetor help.

Workplace wellness plans can be a huge bonus for companies in that they decrease sick days, increase productivity, and save money in the long run.  If you are interested in more information about a corporate chiropractic care plan for your company, contact Charlotte chiropractor Dr. Grant Lisetor of Greater Life Chiropractic for more information.

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