Discovery Place Science

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Discovery Place Science is one of Charlotte’s biggest attractions for kids and even kids at heart. It is basically a huge museum showcasing interactive exhibits, hands-on experiments, an IMAX Dome Theater and a wide range of other displays and activities about science and technology. It is considered as a state-of-the-art learning facility that makes education fun and exciting!

The museum caters to most age groups. They have varying sets of attractions that are suitable for each and they make sure that from kindergarten to high school – they’ve got it all covered.

Front of Discovery Place Science in Charlotte

Here are two must-see activities and exhibits at Discovery Place Science:

1. Cool Stuff

In here, children of all ages get to experience first-hand some of the most awesome things which they only read on their books or hear from their teachers. The aim of this attraction is for the kids to better appreciate the wonders of nature as well as the discoveries and innovations of talented scientists and inventors. It includes: using the thermography cameras to see the invisible, defying gravity using the power of gyroscopic technology and electromagnetism and getting to fly up in the air through a vacuum-powered Air Chair. All these and more are what’s waiting for everyone at the Cool Stuff Exhibition.

2. Project Build

This space is dedicated to unleashing the architect inside every child. With the specially designed Build it! blocks, children can learn to recreate famous landmarks such as the Taj Majal and the Eiffel Tower. They can also exercise their survival skills in the thrilling Making Shelter section where they are provided with PVC pipes, posts, and other materials as protection such as camouflage nets. They are free to test the strength of their buildings, destroy the structure and rebuild. The things to learn here are definitely endless!

3. Hands-On Lab & IMAX Dome

They also have hands-on labs where kids get to experience working on themed projects including physics and biology. They can work collaboratively with their friends or alone. The facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and materials to help them have a realistic sense of what it truly feels like to be an innovator and scientist. Furthermore, their website has a list of the scheduled live shows and events as well as the films to be shown at the IMAX Dome.
Fees range from $8 to $19. They also offer free entrance fee to chaperones for some selected attractions. Considering the valuable learning that everyone can get from this amazing museum, it truly is worth every penny.
Aside from group tours and field trips, the museum is also open for birthday parties, camps and museum rentals for different kinds of events.
Belonging to a family of museums, Discovery Place Science is owned by a company called Discovery Place. They run two other museums: Discovery Place Kids and Discovery Place Nature.
These museums were founded by a young teacher named Laura Owens in the year 1946. For more than 70 years, this non-profit company has been serving 80,000 people yearly by helping them learn about the different scientific and technological phenomenon in an awesome and enjoyable way.
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