Get in the Driver’s Seat of your Health

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When it comes to your health and wellbeing, who is in the driver’s seat? If your first response is your doctor, it may be time to have a “check-up” on your way of thinking. Consider this: you wouldn’t trust just any mechanic to service a rare and unique vehicle that you inherited, nor would you allow a complete stranger to care for your children. In both cases, you would take the necessary steps to ensure they were given the utmost care by the most qualified individuals. Prized possessions are worth the additional research and effort it takes to be cared for properly; therefore, it makes perfect sense that those same precautions should be taken as to who has a say-so when it comes to your health.

Your Health Is Your Responsibility: Why Taking Control Matters

Good health is a valuable possession that allows us to do all the things we want to do; because of this, it’s up to us to take personal responsibility for our health since no one else can do this for us. Our health is greatly impacted by our daily choices, so it doesn’t make sense to expect a few short doctor’s visits a year to be a quick fix for all the problems we have in regards to our health. Taking responsibility shouldn’t be associated with feeling guilty for unhealthy choices, nor does it mean every illness we have is our fault. Instead, being responsible for our health means being proactive and doing our research rather than blindly following what may be advised, so that we can make the best decisions for ourselves. In doing this, we can make wise choices when it comes to how we move forward towards better health.

How to Take Control of Your Health

Our bodies have amazing abilities to heal themselves as long as we supply them with what they need to work properly. Some of the ways we can take control of our health are by consuming a nutrient-rich diet, drinking plenty of water, managing stress levels, laughing, meditating, keeping negativity to a minimum, exercising regularly and getting plenty of rest. Write down some visions and goals for your health in a journal and work on making true and lasting lifestyle changes to improve your health.

Another way of taking control of your health is choosing a doctor that values preventative care, promotes a healthy diet and nutrition, and offers natural alternatives to medicine, when possible.  Finding a doctor that shares your same health philosophy is essential. Regardless of what doctor you choose or what health concern you may be dealing with, you should never rely on their opinion alone for every health-related decision. Well-meaning doctors aren’t without error, which is why researching medication side effects and/or medical procedure complications is important. You need to be well-informed and consider alternatives to what is traditional and typical in today’s healthcare system.

A healthy lifestyle can help prevent diseases, but if you’ve already been diagnosed with some sort of illness, there is still hope! By taking control of your health and lifestyle, you can help reverse the effects of illness and restore health to your body. If you’re not already in the driver’s seat of your health, today is a good day to start! At Greater Life Chiropractic in Charlotte, Dr. Grant Lisetor can help you in your journey to better health. Contact us today to discuss how you can receive the benefits of chiropractic care!


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