What Happens the First Time You See a Chiropractor?

If you’ve never been to a chiropractor before, you’re probably a little bit nervous about what to expect when you come to see us at Greater Life Chiropractic for the first time. To make sure your first visit is as comfortable and informative as possible, there are several things you should know about coming in to see a chiropractor at our office.

First, you will need to fill out a new member application. This will allow us to understand your personal health concerns and any past traumas that could have an impact on the state of your current health. Second, we’ll give you an educationaltour of our office and do a one-on-one consultation with you. During this consultation,  we’ll discuss your health history and come to understand the goals you wish to accomplish by working with a chiropractor.

Finally, we’ll perform a specific chiropractic assessment, take any necessary postural chiropractic X-rays, and devise a customized care plan for you. On your next visit, we’ll report our findings to you and help you understand what your corrective care plan entails. We encourage you to bring a few of your loved ones with you to this appointment so they can provide you with needed support.

After these initial visits, we’ll help you work towards your goals, so you are eventually able to see improvements in your health. Remember, healing is half our part and half yours, so you will need to follow your specific recommendations to get the upmost benefit from our care.

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