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If We Feel Good Are We Healthy?

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The Mayo Clinic’s latest study on U.S. utilization of prescription drugs (2016) found that nearly 70% of the population takes one prescription drug and 50% of the population takes two or more prescriptions per day. This is not to mention that 25% of U.S. children are taking a prescription drug on a regular basis. The U.S. also spends more on healthcare than any other country in the world ($3,000,000,000 or $9,523 per person per year). You may think that spending more money than any other country (nearly double of anyone else) and taking more drugs than any other country  would make us the healthiest country in the world, but we actually rank LAST for health and longevity amongst common wealth countries.

Many Americans have demanded that we find  cures for diseases such as: cancer, MS, diabetes, and many others. There are several issues with finding a “cure” to any of these, but at the top of the list is a cure will take billions away from pharmaceutical companies EVERY YEAR. It would stop return customers from filling their prescriptions every month.

What if we had a change of mindset and instead of demanding cures to diseases we focused our efforts on finding and correcting the cause of the diseases? That would transform our health care system!

While there may be various causes to various diseases, we have focused our efforts on optimizing the function of the nervous system. If spinal bones misalign and cause irritation and dysfunction of the nervous system, then the body will have a decreased ability to adapt and heal. As a neurologically based chiropractic facility (one of very few in Charlotte, NC), our focus is to optimize the natural healing ability of the human body.

Most people think chiropractic care is for neck pain, back pain, car accidents, headaches, disc bulges, and various other aches and pains. While we do see all of those on a regular basis and get consistent results,  our goal isn’t to treat or cure a disease or even an ache or pain. It’s to help our community achieve a life of optimum health by removing irritation and pressure from the nervous system caused by misaligned spinal bones.


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By Grant Lisetor D.C. Greater Life Chiropractic

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