Kylie Picaro

Kylie graduated from UNC-Charlotte with her Bachelors degree in Exercise Science  in 2022. Not knowing exactly what she wanted to do with her degree, she took a year off from school to do some research on all of the different avenues she could take. In 2023, she started her life with Greater Life Chiropractic and it didn’t take long for her to realize this is exactly where she was meant to be! This was also when she became a first-time chiropractic patient. Being a gymnast her entire life, she knew her spine had gone through some wear and tear, so back pain was her initial complaint.

After being under consistent chiropractic care, not only did her back pain subside, but her anxiety eased, her ADHD symptoms decreased leading to better focus, and since starting care, her annual case of bronchitis/pneumonia has yet to pop up! Kylie is a Jersey girl at heart and when she is not at GLC, she enjoys spending time with her dog, Marley, going to the gym, cooking, and exploring Charlotte and trying new restaurants and bars!

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