NASCAR Hall of Fame

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If you want to spice up your holiday in Charlotte with something really exciting and truly memorable come to see the NASCAR Hall of Fame. Here you will have an insightful journey in the history of NASCAR, and get the unbelievable opportunity to see with your own eyes the legendary cars, and the iconic moments that rewrote the history of the racing industry throughout the time.

The first pit stop in your journey will be the High Octane Theater. It holds 278 people and boasts a giant projection screen, connected to a sound system spread all over the theater. You will watch a movie with the main historical events that marked NASCAR’s evolution from an underdog of the dirt tracks to the king of the asphalt superspeedways. The movie is dynamic and engaging, but it proves at the same time highly educating, providing facts and dates that changed the course of history.
As the movie ends, your next destination will be the Great Hall. It is a large area, where iconic cars are exhibited, and several rotary displays show videos with memorable events from races. The gallery includes a variety of automobile legends, from old and hard to control cars to hyper maneuverable and lightning fast machines of the modern days. Also, you will have the chance to witness real wrecks of cars that were involved in dramatic crashes during races. The Glory Road is another important component of the NASCAR Hall of Fame. Here you will meet the most illustrious racers, and mechanics, legendary cars, remarkable tracks, and unforgettable moments that went down in history as icons of NASCAR. The Glory Road tells the history of such prominent machines as Hudson Hornet, Chevrolet Coupe, Dodge Charger, Ford Thunderbird, and Chevrolet Monte Carlo. Each of them came with a technological breakthrough that made the race faster and more exciting.
The NASCAR Hall of Fame has an area, called Race Week that shows what happens behind the scenes before the race starts. You will see how the pit crew puts the finishing touches to bring the car in the highest level of readiness, and how the whole NASCAR industry prepares for the race day, including broadcasting issues, and track maintenance. Your journey continues with Heritage Speedway, which is an exhibition on the fourth floor that hosts an impressive collection of artifacts that show how the industry evolved throughout decades. You will see technology breakthroughs that ushered in new eras in NASCAR, such as the first helmet with radio, used by Jack Smith in 1960. Another history-making relic displayed in the exhibition is the driving uniform of Bobby Allison, which he wore in 1988 in a victorious race when he competed with his son for the first place.
You can take a break to refuel yourself in the Pit Stop Cafe, where various snacks and dishes are served. Also, you can go to the Gear Shop to take a keepsake that will remind you of your visit to the NASCAR Hall of Fame. The shop sells books, key chains, t-shirts, and other nice souvenirs.
On the whole, if you want to jazz up your holidays in Charlotte, go to NASCAR Hall of Fame, and experience an unforgettable journey in the history of the American racing legend.

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