Deanne McCoy

My passion has always been to love people and serve people. I am thankful that in my role at Greater Life Chiropractic I am able to do that every day, not only inside our four walls, but outside serving our community throughout the year. 

I wish my introduction to neurologically based chiropractic would have come earlier since unfortunately my oldest daughter had a less than ideal birth,  resulting in her suffering with difficulties breastfeeding, colic, chronic ear infections, and sinus issues that have carried over into her adulthood.  I am so grateful to have found Greater Life Chiropractic because through them, I have learned the importance of babies and children getting adjusted, and now I have happy healthy Grand babies because they have been getting adjusted since birth.

I also love seeing women with infertility issues, get pregnant, carry their babies to term, and then getting to take care of those babies at GLC. I love GLC, my family, football, racing, concerts, and Dave Matthews

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