Dr. Kelsey Fierke

Dr. Kelsey is from a very small town in Wisconsin. She was introduced to chiropractic at age 13 the same way most adults are: low back pain. Her mom took her to a chiropractor who explained kids should never be in pain, and she helped Dr. K get back behind the plate for softball. She continued to get adjusted periodically, but never fully understood the philosophy of “the power that made the body heals the body.” Her experience with chiropractic therefore is not what led to her becoming a chiropractor. Actually, she woke up one day and it was decided: she was going to be a chiropractor. Everyone asked where the idea came from and she couldn’t answer. Now, what was thought to be random she understands was a calling from God.

Dr. Kelsey pursued a chiropractic degree by first attending University of Wisconsin-Madison and earning a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. She loves to utilize her degree in her personal life: hitting the gym to lift heavy things and put them down again. She then attended Life University in Marietta, Georgia where she earned a Doctor of Chiropractic degree. Dr. Kelsey knew Atlanta was not the place for her long term and started looking for opportunities in North Carolina. One thing Dr. K cannot get enough of: mountains and trail running with her dogs. And by chance, Dr. Kelsey met Dr. Grant who was looking to add to his team. Dr. Kelsey has been practicing with the Greater Life team since December of 2020.
As part of the Greater Life team, Dr. Kelsey is always working towards learning how to best take care of people of all ages. She has earned the Webster Certification through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association and continues to learn how to help kids especially.

Dr. Kelsey has a passion for living and teaching what we often call the “chiropractic lifestyle” of getting adjusted regularly, eating well, moving your body well and being mindful of the spirit.

 So far, in Her post-graduate education journey, Dr. Kelsey has achieved the following accolades: 

  • Certified Proficient in Webster Technique International Chiropractic Pediatric Association        

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