Samantha Lisetor

Samantha and Dr. Grant met while Dr. Grant was working on his degree in nutrition in Florida. As a teenager she was diagnosed with hypoglycemia (low blood sugar levels) which caused her to constantly keep track of when and what she ate. She had several medical doctors tell her it would be a miracle if she ever had children due to her lack of a menstrual cycle. She also suffered chronic migraines for eleven years. After receiving principled chiropractic care her blood sugar levels are virtually normal and she now has a consistent menstrual cycle allowing her the opportunity to have children. She also hasn’t experienced a migraine since her second adjustment!

Sam has a love and passion for expecting mothers, children and women’s health. “I have discovered what chiropractic can do; not just for me but for many others as well. My hope is to show you that you can truly have a greater life with principled chiropractic.”

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