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Patients who have been diagnosed with HIV suffer from various symptoms, but the biggest issue that is dealt with is the autoimmune part of HIV. Due to their immune system being compromised and the lack of white blood cells to help fend off diseases, HIV patients are constantly worried that common colds or other smaller health issues can become life-threatening.


There is no cure for HIV, but there are medications that help to manage the symptoms and prevent illness, but there are no guarantees. Patients complain about side effects from the medications, and most of the medicines are extremely expensive. Attempting to have any quality of life is difficult because of the lack of immunity that can turn a lighthearted social outing into a life-threatening sickness.

Chiropractic Adjustments Provide Some Relief

Although Chiropractic care will not cure HIV, studies have shown that upper cervical adjustments have assisted patients in increasing the CD4 cell counts in their blood to help produce a higher immunity to various diseases. Some individuals have seen as much as a 48% increase in CD4 cells over a six month period following a chiropractic adjustments. Even though this will not take away the HIV, it definitely increases the ability to function more freely in society without the fear of coming down with an illness that may be fatal.

Worldwide Tests Are Showing Improvements

An outpatient clinic in Ontario, Canada completed some tests and they were also looking at the effect of chiropractic care and the improvement of the CD4 blood levels. This study also looked into the effects of alternative treatment options, like chiropractic adjustments, to help patients feel freedom from their disease. Using the chiropractic adjustments to correct vertebral subluxations, chiropractors saw that after just three months, nearly 37% of patients showed improvements. This is extremely promising for HIV patients who are attempting to improve their quality of life and free themselves from some of the fears they have about their immune systems and getting sicks.

Vitamins and Chiropractic Care Combined

Another study in the United States explored goal-setting and chiropractic care for HIV-positive individuals. The goals of the individuals and the chiropractors were to reduce symptoms, better control the autoimmune process, and maintain the body’s ability to fight disease. The chiropractors felt that combining some basic multivitamins with their chiropractic adjustments could help more effectively meet these goals. Chiropractors have long known that aligning the spine properly can allow the brain to better communicate with the nerve endings and allow the body to function at optimal levels. This proves true with the HIV patients involved in this study, as they improved their white blood cell count after treatment and were working towards achieving their health goals.

Solutions from Chiropractic Care

Studies show great promise of improvements in HIV patients who undergo chiropractic care. If their immune system is improving, then there can be a significant quality of life change for them, and they are more likely to live and normal, healthy life despite their disease.

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