Menstrual Cramping

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Menstrual cramps can be extremely painful and even debilitating at times, but they can also lead to a number of different symptoms like irritability, back pain, and more. When someone is suffering from menstrual cramps, they want a solution and to get back to normal as quickly as possible. A large number of women suffer from incredibly painful menstrual cramps every month and even have it to the severity that they end up in the emergency room. Additionally, some women have such irregular menstrual cycles that their menstrual cramps come on suddenly and forcefully, leaving them to take medication, stay in bed, and simply wait around for them to dissipate.

Treatment Options

Most doctors deal with menstrual cramps in the same way, which is by suggesting hormone therapy or birth control pills to help balance out the hormones. Both options can be effective in reducing menstrual cramping, but there are side effects that the patients do not usually like. Some women are not able to take birth control pills due to the dangers of blood clots, and some birth control pills have caused problems with conception later on or with emotional mood swings while taking them. There are natural remedies all over the internet, but they usually treat the symptoms rather than attempt to deal with the root cause of the problem, which is typically a subluxation in the lumbar spine, or lower back.

Adjustments to Treat Menstrual Cramps

Some studies have shown an effectiveness of chiropractic adjustments in the management of menstrual cramps. A 27-year old woman was suffering from cramps, as well as depression and other symptoms, before receiving treatment. Utilizing the Torque Release Technique to relieve the vertebral subluxations brought about improvements in the severity of her symptoms. Instead of having severe pain, her symptoms were reduced to moderate and then to mild by the end of her treatments. Other studies showed similar results of relieving the severity of the symptoms through chiropractic care.

Chiropractic Care Is Effective for Menstrual Cramps & Other Issues

A study of a pre-menopausal female who suddenly went from normal menstrual cycles to sluggish and painful cycles showed a vertebral subluxation that seemed to be the cause of her issues. After being adjusted by a chiropractor for five weeks, her cycles began to come about more regularly and she had less pain involved in her menstrual periods. All of her complaints before the treatment slowly went away, providing evidence that chiropractic care can help with these situations.

Chiropractic Care Treatments

One significant study dealt with a 21-year old female who had not had a normal menstrual cycle in over five years. Upon her initial examination, the chiropractor noticed a vertebral subluxation that caused motion and static palpation abnormalities. Adjustments were made to the areas where the subluxations were found and twelve weeks into care, the patient reported her first normal menstrual cycle in five years. After sixteen adjustments, she was reporting the most normal cycles she had experienced in her entire life.

Chiropractic Solutions

Based on the evidence provided and countless case studies, chiropractic care can absolutely be considered a viable, effective, and extremely beneficial way of treating menstrual cramps. The adjustments made to the vertebral subluxations have seemed to lessen or eliminate the menstrual cramps of the study participants, and the chiropractic community has found that providing spinal alignment and allowing the body to work properly has helped with the symptoms that are related to menstrual cramps.

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