Menstrual Health

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A heavy or irregular menstrual cycle is more than just an inconvenience, especially when it causes back pain, severe cramps, and lethargy. Chiropractors provide natural care for women that suffer from pain caused by PMS in the bladder and bowel, as well improve sexual issues like infertility. The reproductive system and endocrine system are controlled by the nervous system and because the spine protects the spinal cord and all its nerves, issues like subluxation can have an adverse impact on menstrual health, the reproductive system, and the function of the organs.

Chiropractic techniques are a natural and effective way to treat issues like dysmenorrhea and pre-menstrual syndrome, as well as amenorrhea, which is when a woman’s periods ceases to occur during the reproductive years. While it can be normal and healthy for menstrual cycles to stop when pregnant or breastfeeding, in other instances, it can affect the overall health of the woman. Primary amenorrhea is when a woman’s period does not start during puberty, and secondary amenorrhea is defined “as the absence of menses in a female with previous menstrual cycles.” If you want relief from PMS or suffer from amenorrhea, chiropractic care is a solution with proven results.

Treatments for Menstrual Health and Amenorrhea

One case study focuses on a 21-year-old female with secondary amenorrhea. For five years she suffered from back pain and amenorrhea, and after the chiropractors gave a physical exam, it was determined that she had vertebral subluxations, and this was affecting her reproductive health. Specific adjustments were made using Motion Palpation technique. After 12 weeks of chiropractic care, the female had a normal menstrual cycle for the first time in 5 years. And after 4 more weeks, she began having regular menstrual cycles for the first time ever.

In another case study, primary amenorrhea was affecting a 25-year-old female. She did not have menstrual cycles until she was over 18 and birth control pills were prescribed. While her initial complaint was headaches, the amenorrhea was a concern. The chiropractors applied treatment according to the Gonstead protocol that included high-velocity, low-amplitude thrusts that were specific to the right occiput and S2 sacral segment. Without using birth control, the women had her first menstrual cycle after only 3 adjustments.

Chiropractic Care That Treats the Whole Body

Chiropractors understand that to get to the root of menstrual problems, they’ll need to treat the whole body because overall health plays a significant role in the outcome. One chiropractor conducted a case study on a female in her early 20’s that was a diabetic amenorrheal patient. The course of specialized care lasted 24 months, and with subluxation correction treatments and adjunctive nutrition support, she had her first non-medicated menstrual cycle and at the end of the 24-months was able to get pregnant.

If you want relief from menstrual pain or suffer from amenorrhea, contact Greater Life Chiropractor today for specialized care.


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