Muscle Cramps Research

Muscle cramps can be both extremely painful and incredibly debilitating for periods of time. There are many causes associated with muscle cramps, including dehydration, vitamin deficiencies, and more, but sometimes it can be more involved than that. While many of those causes do generally play a role in decreasing the frequency of muscle cramps, more can be done to locate and resolve the issue.

Common Treatments

For most muscle cramps, a solution may be as easy as heat, ice, or non-steroidal topical treatments. If the pain is more severe or the muscle cramps occur chronically, a visit to the doctor could help to determine the causes and find a solution. Because our muscles get used every day, it is easy to overwork them.

Joint Dynamics

A chiropractic study has shown that vertebral subluxations may be a primary cause of some of the muscle cramps that are being reported. In this study, doctors used the Dobson Muscle Testing procedure to indicate where the subluxations could be and then exploring what joint dynamics or movements may be causing these problems. By helping with the dynamics of movement and eliminating vertebral subluxations, the hopes are to help the patient have better posture which in turn can help prevent a lot of the muscle cramps that are occurring.

Pediatric Muscle Cramps

While muscle cramps are more common in adults, some children suffer from severe or chronic muscle cramps as well. One pediatric study dealt with an 11-year old girl who had chronic allergies and leg cramps associated with them. She had previously had her symptoms managed with pharmaceuticals, but she and her parents wanted to look for another option. In the initial visit, the chiropractor noted that poor posture, abnormal cervical curve, and subluxations could be a big part of her problem. Using the Chiropractic Biophysics Technique over 27 visits, the patient saw so much improvement that she was able to discontinue the use of the pharmaceutical medications and not have any symptoms. The improvements made with the chiropractic adjustments were enough to correct her problem dramatically.

Muscle Cramps and Muscle Tone

A study was compiled that followed four children suffering from cerebral palsy and complaining of muscle tone and muscle cramp issues. The study explored chiropractic care to see if it could assist in their cases and bring about any improvements in symptoms. Each of the children underwent adjustments to reduce vertebral subluxations that were causing alignment issues and could be connected to their symptoms. After a month of treatments, totaling 12 adjustments, showed that each child had changes in their daily lives for the better. Due to the adjustments and the improved spinal alignment, the muscle tone and cramps were diminished and the children were much more mobile.

Solutions Through Chiropractic Intervention

Proper alignment of the spine helps the movements and the muscle tone to the extent that muscle cramps can be handled with chiropractic care. These are positive findings for the people who suffer from muscle cramps on a daily basis.

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