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We may all have suffered from a nosebleed at one point in our lives, but there are some people that have chronic nosebleeds that are not a result of some of the normal reasons for it to happen. Those people struggle daily and do not know when the next nosebleed may occur. One of the main causes of nosebleeds is hypertension, or high blood pressure. While not every person who experiences chronic nosebleeds has high blood pressure, spinal alignment is key in making the entire body function properly, and that includes reducing the occurrence of nosebleeds.

Nosebleed Treatments

People who suffer from chronic nosebleeds do not experience them for any known reason, and they cannot usually be resolved by simply applying pressure to the area. A lot of them occur in people with high blood pressure, which means they are usually on some sort of pharmaceutical medications. The trend today is to try to find alternative methods of dealing with issues like these without having to take medications, especially since there are usually side effects.

Chiropractic Options

Studies have determined that chiropractic care has a beneficial outcome for patients with high blood pressure. Since high blood pressure has been directly linked to nosebleeds, this is incredibly significant for those who suffer from regular or severe nosebleeds. One study saw a 25-year old woman who was suffering from high blood pressure symptoms and wanted relief. The realignment of atlas subluxations not only helped with high blood pressure, but also helped as part of a whole-body approach to health and wellness. Chiropractic care allows communication between the brain and other parts of the body to flow smoothly and without interruption, leading to fewer mysterious symptoms, including nosebleeds.

Rapid Results

Not all chiropractic patients see immediate relief of their symptoms in a single visit, but one study followed a 55-year old male who had hypertension for 20-25 years, and he had quick results. He began seeking relief because medications were not helping his situation. Upon the initial visit, an atlas misalignment was discovered. According to his history, there was a traumatic injury to his spine about 30 years prior. The patient reported an immediate decrease in his blood pressure after only one adjustment. Visits proceeded over 7 months and his blood pressure continued to lower and stabilize throughout the process. Even if an individual does not have diagnosed hypertension, he or she may experience symptoms of high blood pressure along with nosebleeds, and chiropractic can benefit them in both facets of their health and wellness.

Atlas Vertebra

Throughout the studies looked at, it seems like the atlas vertebra seems to be the common thread in most of the patients suffering from high blood pressure and nosebleeds. Another study found that 42 subjects all had a similar misalignment and they all had similar symptoms. Since the upper cervical vertebrae (including the atlas) are all linked to sinuses and the entire structure within the face and head, it only make sense that a cervical adjustment will help decrease the occurrence and severity of nosebleeds.

Chiropractic Solutions

With the evidence that is presented, it is clear that chiropractic care can assist in the reduction of nosebleeds, whether linked to high blood pressure or not, and it can help with general health in other areas of the body as well.

To get care started for your nosebleeds, contact Greater Life Chiropractic today!

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