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Whether you are currently pregnant or trying to conceive and want to do everything possible to help with infertility, a chiropractor can help. It’s vital that women stay healthy and stress-free during pregnancy, and the list of benefits when involving chiropractic are long. Because a woman’s body changes so much after conception, many women discover that their pelvic balance is not in line, and adjustments can prevent cesareans and breeches, along with making pregnancy easier, healthier, and more comfortable.

A chiropractor can help decrease back pain during pregnancy and restore poor posture, help reduce labor time, and control the uncomfortable symptoms that are associated with carrying a baby. Beyond helping improving symptoms throughout the duration of the pregnancy, a chiropractor is there for you to help you heal and realign your spine after you give birth.

Pregnancy Chiropractic Care Treatments and Techniques

There have been many documented cases of chiropractic care helping with infertility and pregnancy, and one such case follows a 28-year old women that was infertile for 2 years after ovarian cancer. The primary complaint was infertility and pain in the lower back that had been occurring for 3 months. She had made attempts in seeking conventional treatments such as Pergonal, but these were unsuccessful. Subluxations in the lumbar, pelvic, cervical, and thoracic were targeted for spinal adjustments. After 14 session of care, the woman conceived naturally and carried the baby to full term.

Two chiropractors conducted a retrospective case study involving a 41-year old woman that was 36 weeks pregnant. After an ultrasound, it was discovered that her baby was in a breech position and a C-section was recommended. The Webster In-Utero Constraint Technique was applied over the course of a month using light-force and contact specific adjustments, and after the fifth application, the fetal position turned. Manual trigger point therapy was also used to relieve muscle tension and abdominal ligamentous. The planned C-section was cancelled and a healthy, vaginal birth was achieved.

In another case, a 27-year old women was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and suffered from two miscarriages. Her primary goal was to improve her overall health to prevent future miscarriages and gain control of the symptoms and get relief from the ulcerative colitis. Torque Release and Activator techniques were applied and it was detected that she had vertebral subluxations. After 60 days of treatment, with adjustments occurring twice a week for the first 30 days and once a week for the second 30 days, her ovulatory cycle returned to normal and she conceived and had a healthy pregnancy.

Pregnancy Guidance and Health

Many women choose to involve a chiropractor for the months before conceiving, throughout each term of pregnancy, and after the baby is born to ensure proper spinal alignment and overall wellness of the body.

If you are pregnant or hoping to conceive in the future, you can learn more by scheduling a consultation with a chiropractor. Contact Greater Life Chiropractic today to learn more about the chiropractic treatments available for pregnancy and how chiropractic care during pregnancy can help you.

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