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Spine Health 101: How to Achieve Better Posture

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Having good posture is an easy and important way to maintain the health of your spine. When you practice correct posture, you help preserve the alignment of your spine and may also be able to alleviate common problems like headaches, neck pain, and fatigue. If you feel like your posture could use some work, there are a few steps you can take to improve it and ultimately improve your spine health.

  • Know What Good Posture Is. It can be difficult to achieve greater spine health if you don’t know what good posture should look like. Stand in front of a mirror and align your ears over your shoulders and hips. You will find that your back curves into a slight ‘S’ shape and that your weight is distributed evenly on your feet. When sitting, your rear end should sit at the back of the chair, your feet should be flat on the floor, and you should sit up straight. A chair with good lumbar support really helps, especially if you have a desk job. To learn more, watch this video.
  • Train Your Muscles. Performing exercises that strengthen the muscles across your upper back and shoulders can help you improve your posture and spine health. But don’t worry– you don’t have to put a ton of time into doing these exercises every day. For example, while you’re waiting for a slow webpage to load or while there’s a commercial break on television, try placing your hands directly on top of your shoulders and lifting your elbows up and down to strengthen your shoulders.
  • Come in and See Us. If you want to improve your spine health, make an appointment with our office at Greater Life Chiropractic. We’ll help you understand what factors could be contributing to your poor posture and ultimately help you achieve optimum health through principled, chiropractic care.

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