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Tech Neck Got You Down? Chiropractic Can Help!

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In this day and age of advanced technology, we are rarely without our cell phones, tablets, or computers.  While these can be extremely helpful devices that make our lives easier, they may also cause problems that we are unaware of. Doctors have named a particular type of pain and poor posture “Tech Neck,” which is occurring more and more in people who spend their time hunched over electronic devices or computers.  When we stare at our screens, we tend to pull our heads forwards and down.  This results in forward head posture that can cause a lot of issues.  It is not a natural position for our necks, so it can lead to muscle strain and tightness, compressed nerves, headaches, and other injuries or pain over time.  While smartphones and tablets are fairly new technology, chiropractic has been around for a while. And the good news is that a Charlotte chiropractor can address pain associated with tech neck to bring about relief.

What Are the Signs of Tech Neck?

Tech neck, or the straining of the neck forward and past the shoulders, can lead to aches and pains that may be annoying or uncomfortable in the neck, shoulders, and back.  This head-forward position puts strain on the neck as every inch past our shoulders adds about 10 pounds of pressure to the neck.  This significant pressure and strain on the neck can lead to symptoms like neck and shoulder pain, stiffness or tenderness in the neck and shoulders, frequent headaches, or numbness, pain, and tingling in the arms. Proper posture, when the head is in line with the spine, allows the head to be fully supported by the neck to reduce added strain or pain.  If you are experiencing posture problems or suspect tech neck, it may be time to consult with Charlotte chiropractor Dr. Grant Lisetor to find out the benefits of chiropractic care for tech neck symptoms.

How Can Chiropractic Help?

Chiropractic can help combat poor posture from tech neck.  A gentle chiropractic adjustment from Dr. Grant Lisetor will restore proper alignment and relieve aggravated neck pains.  Aligning the spine, neck, and head will allow muscles to ease up and relax, nerve compressions to release, and tension to disappear.  Not only will symptoms be relieved after one or a few chiropractic adjustments, but range of motion will return and discomfort will be gone for good.  Don’t let tech neck get the best of you.  Seek chiropractic care from Charlotte chiropractor Dr. Grant Lisetor.

How Do I Prevent Tech Neck From Returning?

If you’re like most Americans, you aren’t going to stop using your technological devices.  So how do you keep tech neck at bay?  Regular visits to a Charlotte chiropractor such as Dr. Lisetor are recommended to keep tech neck in check, improve posture, and decrease painful neck tension caused by staring at technology.


If you suspect you may have symptoms of tech neck, take action for relief today.  Schedule a consultation with Dr. Grant of Greater Life Chiropractic to ease these symptoms.

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