Providing treatment to our pregnant practice members is at the heart of our mission here at Greater Life Chiropractic. We long to see families and individuals of all ages living lives of health and wellness, and we are passionate about providing some great benefits of chiropractic care to our pregnant practice members. Dr. Grant has a great deal of experience adjusting pregnant women, and he and his wife have seen first-hand how beneficial chiropractic can be during pregnancy.


Being under chiropractic care while pregnant can have a variety of benefits for both the mother and the baby! One of the biggest questions that usually comes up before we start is the safety of treatment while pregnant. It is completely safe to receive chiropractic care while pregnant and, in fact, chiropractors now see pregnant women more and more as a routine part of their practice. In-depth studies show that no contraindications are present and that chiropractic can be a great way to help mother and baby!

  1. The Biggie – Combating Lower Back Pain

Low back pain is a common complaint for a lot of people, but during pregnancy, pain in the lower back and neck can become a real problem. As weight increases throughout pregnancy, the unusual load on your back places pressure on your spine and causes your posture to change. Specific chiropractic adjustments can have a large effect in reducing this pain and improving your posture throughout your pregnancy, giving the baby a more comfortable space to grow and develop.

  1. Reducing Nausea

Another area where chiropractic may have a benefit during pregnancy is in reducing the nausea some expecting mothers experience. In some women, the nausea associated with pregnancy can be directly linked to a degree of spinal malalignment during pregnancy. Through specific adjustments, chiropractors can correct these misalignments and help to ease the symptoms an expectant mother is experiencing, making her overall pregnancy experience substantially more enjoyable.

  1. Getting Your Baby in the Best Position

Due to the weight and location of your baby, there is a lot of pressure on your spine and pelvis. This can result in unwanted positioning of baby, such as the posterior and breech positions. Studies have shown that chiropractic care using specialized techniques at any stage of pregnancy, but ideally as early as possible and then maintained throughout, can allow for a more desirable positioning of your baby. Correcting and balancing the pelvis allows the baby to rest into a more natural position. This results in easier and less complex deliveries and allows the optimal space for baby to grow during pregnancy.

Chiropractic Care and Pregnancy

Chiropractic care can be an extremely effective and easy way to improve not only your comfort throughout your pregnancy but have a real impact on the health of both the mother and baby. Chiropractic care is a great option for people of all ages but starting young gives us the opportunity to create lifelong health and avoid future problems.

Caring for your health from the very outset of life is at the heart of what we do at Greater Life Chiropractic. Providing mothers with extremely focused and expert chiropractic adjustments, not only throughout their pregnancy but following baby’s arrival, helps us correct any trauma or misalignments and optimize the health of our patients.

We are focused on providing families with the best healthcare we can offer and would love the opportunity to help you and your family. Schedule a visit with Dr. Grant by giving us a call at Greater Life Chiropractic and we can discuss how chiropractic can help you and your family.

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