The Importance of Workplace Wellness for Business Success

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If you’re a business owner or hold any leadership position within a company, you know how important your employees are to your overall success. Without them, your company wouldn’t function well, things wouldn’t get done, and your profit would be non-existent. But how do you retain quality employees and still improve your bottom line? Studies are showing us that one of the most important factors in overall business success is workplace wellness.

What Does Workplace Wellness Entail?

As a business owner or company leader, you know you want wellness to spread throughout your company. But what exactly does that mean? Workplace wellness includes a number of different areas, including social, physical, emotional, and so on. Employees who experience social workplace wellness are happy to interact with co-workers and clientele and there is a positive social atmosphere within the company. Businesses with good physical wellness may encourage positive health habits and give their employees access to programs and healthcare that allow them to be as healthy as possible. Emotional workplace wellness allows employees to feel heard and seen, both as employees and individuals, and it recognizes mental health as a top priority within the company environment.

Importance of Workplace Wellness

With so much of our adult lives spent working, it only makes sense that our work atmosphere is directly linked to our physical and emotional wellness. Not only do workplace wellness programs show your employees that you truly care about their wellbeing, but they can also improve your bottom line. Wellness programs can create an entire atmosphere of health in the workplace, which can help decrease sick days amongst employees. Studies have found that 407 million days of work are lost each year due to illness, and wellness incentives and programs can help decrease that number. Not only are employees less likely to miss work due to illness, but companies with corporate wellness programs also see an increase in morale. When employees are healthier and more content in life and at work, they tend to be more productive and more committed at work, which brings about a better bottom line and more satisfied employees and owners.

How to Improve Workplace Wellness

Particularly in today’s world of employees being used to working from home, a lot of stress can come along with returning to an office environment. But even if you’re not transitioning back from remote working, employee wellness should be on the top of your priority list. It’s truly best for everyone involved, including the success of your company. A few ways to improve workplace wellness include offering fitness incentives, providing gym memberships, increasing break times, stocking break rooms with healthy snacks, providing corporate chiropractic care, and running wellness promotions or competitions within your company. Any and all of these things are sure to improve the overall morale within your workplace, and they are sure to improve the health and wellbeing of your entire staff.

If you’re interested in corporate chiropractic care plans or learning more about workplace wellness, contact Dr. Grant Lisetor and his team at Greater Life Chiropractic. Dr. Grant is a Charlotte chiropractor who is passionate about bringing health and wellness to the entire Charlotte community through natural, safe, and effective chiropractic care.


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