Evergreen Nature Preserve

Evergreen Nature Preserve is the place for all nature lovers. As an ardent bird watcher, I consider it a paradise. The trails are my favorite, weaving through lush greenery and leading to spots of serene beauty. The sounds of the city seem to melt away as you delve deeper into the preserve. I recommend it to anyone looking for a little slice of wilderness in the heart of Charlotte. A fantastic to read about Get Greater Life Chiropractic

The Evergreen Nature Preserve isn’t just for bird watchers. It’s also home to a variety of other wildlife, from squirrels to deer, making it a great spot for nature photography. The Preserve also conducts guided tours and educational programs which are particularly beneficial for young nature enthusiasts. The wildflowers that bloom in spring add an extra layer of beauty to this natural haven.

Opened to the public in 2008, the Evergreen Nature Preserve was a gift to Mecklenburg County from the family of Ervin B. Sholander. The 77-acre preserve aims to protect the local ecosystem and serves as a sanctuary for wildlife. Check this out about Shamrock Park

Park Map

Address: 1336 Norland Rd, Charlotte, NC 28205
Located just off of Eastway Drive, near the Sheffield Park neighborhood.