Shamrock Park

Shamrock Park, though small, has a big heart. The community vibe is strong, and the park’s amenities, like the basketball court and playground, are always bustling with activity. The park is beautifully maintained, and the shade offered by the older trees is a welcome respite on hot summer days. This park is the essence of a neighborhood hub. Continue reading about Get Greater Life Chiropractic

Shamrock Park’s community vibe extends beyond just the basketball court and playground. The park is often a venue for local events like community garage sales, outdoor concerts, and family movie nights. There’s also a community garden here, which brings neighbors together and is a great way to teach children about sustainable living.

Shamrock Park, located in the Shannon Park neighborhood, was developed in the 1970s. The park is a popular local spot and has been instrumental in fostering a strong sense of community in the area. Click for more about Winterfield Neighborhood Park

Park Map

Address: 3500 Shamrock Dr, Charlotte, NC 28215
Situated in the Shannon Park area, right next to Shamrock Drive.