William R. Davie Park

William R. Davie Park holds a special place in my heart. This park is heaven for dog owners like myself, with a well-maintained dog park where our furry friends can run and play. The park’s greenways are perfect for biking or walking, and the playground is always full of joyous energy. The serene lake and ample picnic spots make it an ideal location for family outings. This park is a testament to Charlotte’s commitment to providing quality outdoor spaces for its residents. More about Get Greater Life Chiropractic

William R. Davie Park offers more than just a dog park and greenways. It has a fantastic equestrian center that offers horseback riding lessons and hosts equestrian events. The park is also home to a dedicated area for remote control car racing, providing an unusual and exciting pastime. There are several picnic shelters available for rent, making it a perfect venue for family gatherings or birthday parties.

William R. Davie Park, named after a Revolutionary War hero and one of the original trustees of the University of North Carolina, was developed in the late 1980s. The park’s popular dog park was one of the first in the city when it was installed in 2001. Discover more about Veterans Memorial Park

Park Map

Address: 4635 Pineville-Matthews Rd, Charlotte, NC 28226
Located in the South Charlotte area, near the intersection of Pineville-Matthews Road and Carmel Road.