Treating Tendon Damage with Chiropractic Care

The concept of “working with your hands” is something we tend to attribute to history or to people in certain fields, and certainly a carpenter or a baker is doing taxing work with their hands. However, many of us work on computers and laptops now, and while it’s not the same form of manual labor, it can take a toll on our hands. The constant use of our hands, as well as the unnatural shapes we use to do things like operate a smart phone, can cause injuries in the tendons that lead to pain or inability to continue certain activities. At the same time, other areas of the body can suffer from tendon pain and damage, and you can struggle to find relief from this issue. If you are experiencing pain due to tendon damage, visiting a Charlotte chiropractor can help to prevent worsening problems and improve tendon strength so you can continue doing what you love.

Why Do Tendons Matter?

A tendon is a band of connective tissue that connects muscle to bone and is meant to withstand tension. They are similar to ligaments, but ligaments connect bones to other bones, while tendons connect muscles to bones. Tendons exist throughout the body, but some of the most commonly damaged are in our hands. We have two tendons in our hands—extensor tendons and flexor tendons. The extensor tendon is what allows our fingers to straighten, stretching from your forearm and down the top of your hand to the fingers. The flexor tendons run on the underside of your wrist down your palm and allow fingers to be bent. Depending on which tendons suffer damage, you can lose the ability to either straighten or bend your fingers. Neither is ideal and you’ll want to address any injuries related to tendonitis or tendinopathy.

Causes and Signs of Tendon Injuries

Damage to the tendons can occur quickly because of injury, or can happen over time due to specific events or strain. A serious injury that results in your hand being crushed or badly cut can sever a tendon, or a violent action can rupture them in other parts of the body. Many sports lead to risks of tendon issues from quick actions like catching a ball or a quick twist that causes a sprain. There may also be a correlation with the onset of arthritis in the hands.

However, the University of Michigan found that most damage to the tendons in the hands are a result of overuse and strain. These problems can express themselves in a variety of ways and worsen over time. Pain in any areas of the hand or wrist are a sign that something is going on, as is a loss of strength or restricted movement over time. Trouble with specific actions like lifting, pouring, or moving your thumb can also indicate issues that need to be addressed.

Visiting a Chiropractor for Tendon Damage

A chiropractor can help determine which tendons have been damaged and to what extent. It may be suggested you rest the injured area or use a splint, if needed, to support a particular body part as it heals. Dr. Grant Lisetor can help determine how to minimize damage and restore mobility. Make your first appointment today to ensure your tendons stay in optimal condition.


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