"Excellent practice that provides you with an ample amount of information to assist in your care. My husband's and I started about 3 weeks ago and have had immediate results with sleeping. For 2 years we've blamed our mattress but it was certainly our backs! We're on the road to HEALING not HIDING our symptoms and it was certainly the best health decision we could've ever made! Our 5 children will begin today and their payment options are affordable and manageable! If you're on the fence, JUMP OFF & get healed before it's too late!"
Jazzy Y.
Greater Life Member
"Greater Life is a very professional Chiropractic service. They will treat you the way you want to be treated. I heartily recommend them to you!"
Ron L.
Greater Life Member
"The best Chiropractic office I have ever been to. Dr. Grant and staff treat you like family. I have seen significant improvements towards pain, allergies, and my overall health over the past year of treatment. I would highly recommend for you and your family to visit."
Dustin S.
Greater Life Member
"Great place! The first time i have ever received such a great explanation on how my spine is so crucial to the functions of my other organs, nervous system, etc. I love Dr. Grant's passion for children and their health as well."
Cheri W.
Greater Life Member
"Fantastic staff, friendly and helpful. Feel much better after having started regular treatments. I recommend them to everyone!"
Jerry S.
Greater Life Member
"Chiropractic care is so much more than an adjustment of the spinal column. It is about overall wellness. The pain in my neck and back is much better and I have more energy, which I have devoted to exercise and nutrition. Dr. Grant is a holistic health practitioner and an educator, and he has helped me to do what I know is best for my health."
Lorie M.
Greater Life Member
"GLC is a great place. I came in with pain in my back near my shoulder blade. After the first couple of adjustments my pain went away. Dr. Grant informs you on the science behind the practice and he loves to explain the what and why factors of the practice. The staff is very personable and know who you are. After long term treatment I can now feel when my body is not right and a quick trip to GLC puts me back together. GLC focuses on both your daily and long term care. All the information is there and for the taking. I've signed up my family also. Highly recommended."
Charlie W.
Greater Life Member
"I was very skeptical of chiropractic care. After Dr Grant thouroughly explains things and gives you a whole understanding. I've never had a Dr take the time to teach me something. And I've never felt better. Can't wait to see how I am feeling long term."
Krystal H.
Greater Life Member
"All the staff is very warm and friendly. Dr. Grant, the chiropractor, does a wonderful job. I am so very glad I found this place."
Elaine P.
Greater Life Member
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