Charlotte | The Queen City

Known as “The Queen City” for centuries, Charlotte North Carolina is an incredibly diverse community. The population is primarily white, but there is a significant Hispanic, African American and Asian presence as well.

Despite its small size, the city has an abundance of museums and art galleries to explore, as well as a large number of local sports teams and restaurants for you to enjoy. There are also plenty of shopping options in downtown and around the rest of the city, as well as a huge selection of hotels to choose from. Greater Life Chiropractic is proud to be part of the Charlotte area.


As with most major cities, the history of Charlotte is full of colorful moments that are hard to miss. There’s the discovery of gold in 1799 that boosted its economy, and the arrival of the railroad in 1852 that gave it the momentum to become one of the largest cities in the Carolinas.

The city’s economic prosperity continued to grow as a result of its enviable location at the center of a network of railroads and paved highways. These new stimuli sparked the development of a broad economic base that included banking, wholesaling and distribution in addition to textiles.

By the 1920s, as the textile industry waned, the distribution sector took over as the mainstay of the city’s economy. By the end of the century, it had become a major hub for trucking and wholesaling throughout the region.

With a strong economy and a highly educated workforce, Charlotte is a top destination for businesses looking to expand. Some of the biggest names in the country have corporate headquarters here including Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Lowe’s, among many others.


Arts and culture are essential to a healthy city, and Charlotte is no exception. The city is committed to preserving its rich and diverse artistic heritage and has made it a priority to develop policies and strategies that foster the arts and cultural sector, promote growth opportunities for artists and organizations, and address community needs.

Tourism is an important part of the city’s economy, as it draws visitors from all over the world. As a result, there are countless events taking place throughout the year that appeal to all ages and interests.

Annual festivals are a staple of the calendar, but there are also many one-off events that take place in neighborhoods and across the city. These include art shows, block parties, and concerts that are great ways to get involved in the community.

Whether you’re looking for a date night, a girl’s night out, a family day out or just a good time with your friends, there’s something going on in Charlotte every week. And if you want to get away for a weekend getaway, you’re only about an hour from some of the best beaches in both North and South Carolina.

For those looking for something more adventurous, the Smoky Mountains are just a short drive away, where you can go camping and hiking at Standing Indian. Or, for those who prefer a more urban experience, there are also several exciting and unique neighborhoods to check out in Charlotte’s ring of inner suburbs.

Points Of Interest

 Abraham’s Sabrett Hot Dog Cart, 100 S Tryon St, Charlotte, NC 28202

Eddie V’s Prime Seafood, 101 S Tryon St Suite 100, Charlotte, NC 28280

Tupelo Honey Southern Kitchen & Bar, 101 S Tryon St #130, Charlotte, NC 28280

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