Carowinds is a popular destination among amusement park lovers. It is technically located in Charlotte, North Carolina but is along the border in Fort Mills, South Carolina. As stated in their tag line, “Where the Carolinas meet together”, the aim of the park is to bring the residents of these two states closer. It sits on a 400-acre land that is filled with hundreds of rides, theme parks, and other entertainment areas. Their widely popular annual events are Carowinds every Halloween and WinterFest every winter. Learn more about Greater Life Chiropracter

Here are some of the most exciting attractions at Carowinds:

1. Thrilling Rides

The park boasts of award-winning rides, particularly their Fury 325, which was voted as the Top Steel Coaster in the world. They have 14 different kinds of roller coasters with varying speeds such as The Vortex and Flying Cobras for the real thrill-seekers and Woodstock Express and Wilderness Run for the younger ones and beginners in roller-coaster riding.
They also offer other exciting rides including the Drop Tower, Electro Spin, Ripcord, Scream Weaver, Slingshot, Southern Star, and WindSeeker. There are also rides made specifically for family bonding and enjoyment: The Grand Carousel, Zephyr, Scrambler and Rock ‘n’ Roller.

2. Carolina Harbor

This part of the park offers hundreds of acres of water fun with slides ranging from mild to wild. Both adults and kids are sure to find it relaxing and thrilling as there are all kinds of interactive water attractions here. Among the more popular are: Blackbeard’s Revenge featuring a six-story-tall slide complete with thrilling twists, Kiddy Hawk Cove, Myrtle Turtle Beach and wide wave pool called Surf Club Harbor.

3. Camp Snoopy

Designed for some serious action among the younger ones, this portion of the park offers rides suitable for the whole family. Its major attractions include Pig Pen Mud Buggies, Camp Bus, Beagle Scout Acres and Kite-Eating Tree. To make the most out of the Carowinds experience, guests can avail of the park’s lodging packages. Options include Camp Wilderness with cozy 2-bedroom cabins for families and group of friends located right next to the park. RVs are also welcome to park here. Alternatively, guests can select a hotel affiliated with Carowinds to avail of big discounts and other benefits. Check out their website for a complete list of hotels to choose from. Carowinds offers various kinds of passes for different types of guests. Season Passes allow unlimited access to plus some exclusive benefits and discounts. Daily Passes provides single-day access with fast-lane bundles and advance parking options. Group Passes offer big discounts to corporate, student and other groups with a minimum of 15 people.

Once you are done here you definitely need to check out the Billy Graham Library, it has something to offer everyone!

The park first opened in 1973 by its founder, Earl Patterson Hall. A few years before the construction started, Hall went on a trip to Disneyland and was then inspired to build a similar amusement in his home state. After four years of planning, the park was built with a total cost of $70 million. Today, Carowinds is owned by Cedar Fair Entertainment Company with Pat Jones as the General Manager.