Charlotte Convention Center

Charlotte city is known for attracting global events including trade shows, business summits, and governmental conferences. This may explain why Charlotte is the home to so many modern conference facilities. At the center of it all, lies the Charlotte Convention Center. This is the leading conferencing facility in Charlotte and among the best in the whole of Carolina. The facility offers the best resources for those hosting international conferences while there is also space for local business meetings. You can organize your event and host thousands of delegates from around the globe in this convention center. You can also carry out a small boardroom meeting using the best facilities within the center. Or click here to learn more about what We do for the Charlotte area!

About Charlotte Convention Center

The Charlotte convention center was officially opened in 1995. Located in Charlotte in North Carolina, there was an increasing demand for a conferencing facility that could host high-end delegates visiting this area. Designed by Thompson Ventulette, it is one of the most outstanding architectural structures in Charlotte. Since its establishment and official opening, the facility receives at least half a million visitors each year. This shows how important the convention center is to the city of Charlotte.

The Capacity Of Charlotte Convention Center

This uniquely designed conventional facility offers 280,000 square feet of usable exhibition space. The ballroom alone spans just over 35000 square feet. The ballroom area boasts of a banquet seating of up to 1900 guests. Further, the pre-function space extends by 15000 square feet. Besides the ballroom and the pre-function space, there are other small meeting rooms totaling to over 90,000 square feet. The flexible meeting space is well distributed throughout 46 rooms. The rooms vary in size and design to offer options for different occasions. Besides the large capacity, the Charlotte Convention Center is also an attractive place with more fascinating facts. The Charlotte Trolley line and the LYNX pas directly through the conferencing center. Further, the NASCAR hall of fame is connected to the center. Recently, the conventional center was expanded to create an extra ballroom to accommodate the high influx of guests.

Recent Activities

The Charlotte Convention Center has remained functional for over 2 decades now. It was until 2017 that the Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority pumped over $110 million into the expansion of the convention center. The move was aimed at increasing the meeting space by at least 50, 000 square feet. Further, the expansion will see the creation of a bridge that will be linking the center with the Westin hotel right across. Although the groundwork is already on the way, the entire project is expected to be complete in early 2020. This combined with Carowinds is turning Charlotte into a big destination.


The Charlotte Convention Center is one of the most impressive meeting facilities in Charlotte. It stands out both in architectural design and its interior capacity. This convention center is known for hosting delegates from all parts of the world. If you ever want to host a business meeting or network with different people, the Charlotte conventional center gives you the best opportunity. The facility is currently under renovation but most parts are still usable. After the complete renovation, the Charlotte Conventional center will be the light of the whole city.