Can a Chiropractor Help Me Recover Faster?

Whether you’re suffering from an illness, an injury, or have recently undergone surgery, you likely want to get back to your “normal” self as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, any serious change or trauma to the body will require you to be ultra-aware about your activity and movement so that you can adequately heal – there is no magic pill to remove the recovery period. But there are a number of things that affect your recovery time and can help speed the process along without risking more problems. You can be proactive in your recovery at home, and Charlotte chiropractor Dr. Grant Lisetor can also help with the process.

Promoting Recovery at Home

During the process of recovery, your body is expending a lot of extra energy trying to heal whatever areas and systems have been impacted. This can mean other typical functions are slightly less important, and you may have additional needs during this time that you don’t typically have on a normal day. When you think about speeding up your recovery time, think about what tools you can give your body to facilitate that healing. Like a doctor needs tools and other resources, your body needs access to the best input to achieve its goal.

Focus on these things during your recovery:

  • Stay hydrated and avoid caffeinated drinks and alcohol
  • Eat nutrient-dense food and avoid too much sugar
  • Get enough sleep – this might be more than normal
  • Engage in light, gentle movement (at the discretion of your care team)

How Chiropractors Affect Recovery Speed

Along with home care, engaging a chiropractor like Dr. Grant Lisetor can be extremely helpful in promoting recovery for injuries as well as illnesses. Any issue you are having relies on your body working properly and communicating between systems to foster healing. When your spine is out of alignment, nerves are often impacted, which can mean the body’s communication system breaks down. By performing spinal adjustments, a Charlotte chiropractor can help your re-align your spine and, in turn, help your body to work more efficiently.

In the case of many injuries, the spine can also have a direct impact on symptoms like pain and swelling, which a chiropractor can also address. Patients who are experiencing physical pain can report feeling better as soon as their first chiropractic adjustment, but they typically see the most improvement in their first four sessions.

Depending on your concerns, chiropractic care can also help you avoid the same issue and recovery time in the future. By keeping your spine aligned, your body will be better able to fight off illness and avoid injury. If and when these do happen, recovery time may naturally be shorter because your nervous system is operating as it should be.

When you visit Greater Life Chiropractic, you can share with Dr. Grant Lisetor where you are in your recovery and what your goals are. Based on this and an evaluation, we will work with you to create a care plan that meets your goals while keeping you safe and healthy. Book your first appointment today to begin!


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