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Can Chiropractic Impact Hair Health?

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Have you ever looked at your hair and thought something didn’t quite look right?  Maybe the color has gotten less vibrant, some areas are thinning, or you seem to be losing more and more hair each time you brush or wash it. Surprisingly, the health of your hair can be a good indicator of your overall health.  Hair may go through changes and phases over the years, most of which are completely normal and natural. Women who are pregnant or have recently had a baby almost always experience extreme changes in hair. According to experts, about half of the women who have just had a baby report a significant hair loss approximately three months after giving birth.  After time, hair growth will return to normal once again.  As we age, hair growth can also change.  Hair lines may recede.  This can be due to the fact that our body is redirecting energy to other parts of the body and not into growing hair.  Emotional issues such as job loss, family concerns, or financial issues can lead to psychological changes that impact hair growth as well.  Just as we seek help from counselors or therapists for emotional support, we can seek the help of a Charlotte chiropractor for overall health and wellness, including hair health.

Leading Causes of Hair Loss

Hair loss can be a normal result of conditions such as metabolic or hormonal stress. Thyroid issues can also cause hair problems. Hypothyroidism, or an abnormally low production of hormones, affects approximately 5% of men, women, and children all across the United States.  This condition can cause weight gain, fatigue, and joint pain, in addition to other autoimmune conditions such as alopecia areata that causes hair to fall out in patches.  Protein absorption is another critical part of hair growth.  While we may eat enough protein, the body doesn’t always digest it as it should.  Without proper protein absorption, such as in the case of people who have had gastric bypass surgery, healthy hair growth can’t continue.  Natural processes like aging will also lead to hair loss, but if you are young with graying, thinning hair, it could be a sign of a more serious problem such as coronary artery disease.  When you look in the mirror and notice something different about your hair, it might be worth looking into your overall health and wellness routine.  Additionally, chiropractic care from Charlotte chiropractor Dr. Grant Lisetor should be a part of this regular routine.

What Can Chiropractic Do For Hair and Health?

The spinal cord and the brain form the central nervous system, which is at the root of overall health and wellness.  Spinal misalignments that lead to nerve interference can be blamed for many health concerns such as thyroid problems, autoimmune disorders, digestion issues, or poor immune system function.  Dr. Grant Lisetor at Greater Life Chiropractic carefully pinpoints spinal misalignments to correct them with time and repetition through gentle and safe chiropractic adjustments.  Improved spinal health means improved overall health.  When your health is at its best, your hair will also be healthy.

The next time you think hair loss is just a normal part of life, consider the health implications it may have.  For increased health and improved quality of life, schedule a consultation with Dr. Lisetor of Greater Life Chiropractic and see the difference it will make for your hair and your health.




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