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Chiropractic Care and Your Immune System

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People who seek out chiropractic care usually do so to help to treat their aches and pains. An additional benefit of receiving chiropractic care that people often overlook is relief from coughs, colds, flus, and stomach viruses. These issues can improve drastically when receiving regular chiropractic treatment. A strong link has been observed between the nervous system (which chiropractic focuses on directly influencing) and the immune system. More and more scientific studies are showing the existence of this exciting development and how it can bring improvements to our health and quality of life.

The Nervous System’s Connection to Your Immune Strength

Every single cell in your body is connected and your immune system affects all of them in different ways and at different times. From common colds and viruses (which may be symptoms of underlying issues) to more serious immune disorders and associated conditions, such as HIV, cancer, inflammatory arthritis, and more, improving immune function has been scientifically proven to improve symptoms and help individuals gain a higher quality of life.

Increase Antibody Levels

Antibodies are the very things that fight off bacteria and viruses in our bodies. They are used by the immune system for this very purpose and the higher levels we produce and utilize, the better. Exciting studies are now showing that through chiropractic care, specifically correcting vertebral subluxations, levels of these bug fighting molecules are raised!

Your Child’s Immune System

Setting up our children for healthy lives through the use of pediatric chiropractic care is at the heart of our mission at Greater Life Chiropractic. Time and time again, chiropractic techniques have been shown to improve the immune function of our youngsters and drastically improve the symptoms they may be facing when dealing with other conditions.

Longitudinal studies are also showing that over the course of their lives, children who are exposed to regular pediatric chiropractic care take less medication and have higher levels of health.

The Significance of Improved Immune Function

Getting relief from regular coughs, colds, and viruses and reducing dependence on medication is fantastic, but the benefits chiropractic care can bring to other more severe conditions, such as HIV, Crohns, respiratory conditions, autism, and many more, is significant. Studies have shown just how well expert chiropractic care can improve the lives of individuals managing these conditions.

A significant example of this can be seen in two young siblings suffering from HIV infection, both experiencing a myriad of symptoms associated with their poor immune function. These included chronic infections, vomiting, inability to walk without a cane, and a diet of liquid food.

After regular chiropractic care, not only did these two young boys begin a solid diet for the first time since birth, but walking also became easier, vomiting stopped, and their viral load (a marker for HIV infection) dropped. These improvements were associated with the nervous systems link to the immune system, and regular chiropractic care continued to garner these results.

Our team at Greater Life Chiropractic has seen over and over again the results that pediatric chiropractic care can bring to our children, and we would love to see how we can work together with you to bring you the quality of life you deserve to yourself and your loved ones.

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