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Chiropractic Care Promotes Better Sleep Habits

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Nothing is more frustrating than knowing that your body is tired and needs sleep, yet you lay awake night after night, unable to drift off to sleep.  Instead of feeling refreshed each day, you feel tired and drained.  Lack of proper sleep at night is a common problem many Americans face, children and adults alike.  Many struggle to fall asleep each night while others fall asleep but can’t stay asleep.  Instead, they toss and turn all night long, never fully experiencing a restful night’s sleep.  Our bodies rely on proper sleep to repair themselves each night, and sleep is an essential part of our overall health.  Not getting enough sleep can lead to myriad of health concerns, such as an inability to concentrate, extreme fatigue, or a great susceptibility to sickness.  Don’t accept feelings of exhaustion or extreme tiredness as your new normal.  Instead, improve your sleeping habits with chiropractic care from Charlotte chiropractor Dr. Grant Lisetor.

Sleeplessness – Who Does It Affect?

Both children and adults, men and women alike, report struggling with sleeplessness at night.  Children who don’t sleep well are more likely to experience health issues and developmental problems, such as stunted brain growth, hyperactivity, or even ADD and ADHD.  If your child suffers from sleeplessness, than you can attest to the frustration you feel at not being able to help your child get the rest he or she needs to thrive.  Adults also experience health issues from a lack of sleep.  Poor sleep habits can impact work performance, as exhaustion makes it difficult to concentrate on your work.  Health issues such as sleep apnea could be a cause of insomnia in adults, which brings about a whole new host of problems.  Suffering from a lack of sleep not only affects your physical health, but also your mental health and wellbeing.  Feeling exhausted all the time can lead to mood swings or general crankiness.  You are more likely to feel like life is out of control when you haven’t been sleeping well at night.  Irritability will affect your relationships with your loved ones and can cause further emotional turmoil.  If you feel like you will never get a good night’s sleep again, know that you are not alone.  Thankfully, a Charlotte chiropractor may have the answers you are looking for to getting a good night’s sleep once again.

Address the Root Cause of Insomnia and Sleeping Difficulties

When sleep becomes a problem, many people will turn to medication to help them get the sleep they need.  But this might not be the best answer to your sleeping difficulties.  Medication is only a short-term solution, and when you take medication, you also risk potential unwanted side effects.  Spinal misalignments have been linked to insomnia and other sleeping problems due to their connection with the brain.  Misalignments disrupt nerve communication within the body causing all sorts of dysfunction, including lack of sleep.  A gentle adjustment from Dr. Grant Lisetor of Greater Life Chiropractic will remove spinal alignments so that you can get a full night’s sleep and feel rested each morning.  Chiropractic care offers long-term, safe, and effective results for sleeping problems.

Chiropractic Has Helped Others

Chiropractic care has helped others get the rest they need at night, and it can help you too.  Many case studies have shown the link between chiropractic and improved sleep patterns.  In one case study, a bright but hyperactive five-year-old boy experienced trouble sleeping at night.  At a loss for what to do to help him, his parents turned to chiropractic care.  After two years of regular visits to a chiropractor, he had returned to healthy sleeping habits for his age.

If sleeplessness has become a serious problem for you or someone you love, take action now to get the rest you deserve. Contact Greater Life Chiropractic Dr. Grant Lisetor today and find out more about how chiropractic can help you get a full night’s sleep once again.

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