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How a Visit to the Chiropractor Can Improve Your Asthma

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Sore backs and pains in the neck are normally the first things people think of when chiropractic treatments are mentioned. Along with these problems though, patients find that when their body is treated “as a whole” and spinal and neurological issues are fixed, symptoms of other conditions begin to improve greatly. Asthma and allergies are just two of many of conditions that can be treated through the effective and expert application of chiropractic care.

How Asthma Affects Us

We all likely know someone affected by asthma, a condition which currently has a grip on 365 million people worldwide and has consistently increased in prevalence through recent decades, making it one of the most common chronic disorders in the world.

As people diagnosed with this condition can attest to, the effects can range from slightly inconvenient to extremely life-changing.


Asthma is a condition that primarily affects the pathways that air flows through in your lungs and throat, and it is characterized by these pathways becoming chronically inflamed and constricting. This then results in bouts of time where it is very difficult to breathe and the patient experiences heavy wheezing. Most people associate asthma with children experiencing difficulty breathing while playing, and although this can be a prime time for asthma to become apparent, asthma can affect everyone from babies to the elderly, and it can be both activity based and not.

How Can We Treat Asthma

When treating asthma, inhalers that return the airways to a normal size are most common, and they are either used daily or as needed during an asthma attack. When asthma becomes more of a problem, patients may need to use more serious corticosteroids regularly to manage the condition.

More and more people now are finding out how the use of chiropractic care can help them achieve relief from asthma. Chiropractic in general and specific pediatric chiropractic treatments work by treating the condition at the neurological level, improving immune responses, and increasing the correct function of the body’s structures. One of the many benefits seen when asthmatic patients choose chiropractic care is an increase in breathing ability and a decrease in asthma severity by as much as 39%.

Perfect Examples

These case studies are just two real world examples of how chiropractic care can create great results for patients with asthma:

  • In this case study, a 3-year old named Benny has struggled to cope with asthma since birth and was suffering multiple attacks on a weekly basis. He began undergoing chiropractic treatment. After one month of extremely specific and gentle techniques performed on the mid scapular region of the spine, symptoms began to decrease significantly and following the treatment plan, Benny’s asthma had resolved entirely.
  • Another individual, aged 18, developed asthma after trauma to the cervical vertebrae. The individual had been dealing with symptoms of asthma for 2 years when beginning chiropractic treatment and was monitored for another 5 years after starting to get adjusted. Subluxations were identified quickly and in the weeks following treatment, not only did the patient’s general health improve, but asthma symptoms were also reduced significantly.

Long Term Solutions

Providing overall health and the ability to function at our highest potential is at the root of what pediatric chiropractic care is about. Dependence on serious medications for life is not sustainable, and by getting to the root of the problem at a neurological level, we aim to provide patients with lifelong health and a higher quality of life.

When treating our practice members here in Charlotte, we utilize state of the art technology and years of expert clinical experience to come up with a treatment plan that individually suits every single one of our patients.

Explore our site further or give Greater Life Chiropractic a call to discuss how we can optimize your and your family’s health today.

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