We all know that, like regular visits to your chiropractor, exercising consistently is important to your health.  Finding time each and every day to exercise can be difficult, but it is an important part of maintaining your health.  Unfortunately, there are lots of exercise myths floating around that simply aren’t true, which can lead to injury, pain, or have the opposite effect that you’re hoping for.  Here are some common exercise myths debunked.

Exercising a Few Mornings a Week for 15 minutes Is Enough

Exercising is not always something we look forward to.  A quick exercise routine that ensures to meet our health needs would be nice, but 15 minutes a few times a week simply isn’t enough.  Studies show that in order for exercise to be effective, it needs to be a vigorous 30-minute workout at least three times a week.  And it’s not just the morning that is best for exercising.  Exercising any time of the day is beneficial, so get out there and workout for a healthier lifestyle.  If pain or body aches are holding you back from exercising regularly, consider consulting Charlotte chiropractor Dr. Grant Lisetor.  Not only can chiropractic care address pain, but it can also improve your overall quality of life so exercise becomes easier.

Exercise Burns Lots of Calories

When you exercise, you can work up quite a sweat and it makes you feel like you are burning enormous amounts of calories.  In reality, exercise only burns a moderate amount of calories each session.  In fact, walking at a brisk pace for about 5 minutes only burns off the amount of calories that are in a banana.  Running for 30 minutes will only burn off the amounts of calories in a bagel.  When you consider this, it is important to note that exercise and a healthy diet must go hand in hand.  It doesn’t take much to eat back what you burn off, so be conscious of your diet as well to better maintain a healthy weight.  If digestion issues or food allergies are affecting your diet, Dr. Grant at Greater Life Chiropractic can help.  A healthy spine ensures that all the systems in the body can send and receive messages as needed for proper function and health, including the digestive system.  Don’t let anything hold you back from becoming a better, healthier you.  Exercise, a healthy diet, and regular chiropractic care is a great combination for improved health and wellness.

Aerobic Exercise Is Better Than Strength Training

Aerobic exercise and strength training are both essential for your health.  Aerobic exercise is good for cardiovascular health, while strength training trims your body fat and improves muscle mass.  Those with more lean muscle mass are more likely to burn more calories during the day, even at rest, than others who don’t strength train.  Lifting weights can even help prevent diseases such as osteoporosis.  Weight lifting, while important, can be hard on your body, putting strain on your back or joints, sometimes even causing pinched nerves.  It’s important to ensure you are using proper form when lifting weights and being safe about it. Another good way to take care of your musculoskeletal system is with regular visits to Charlotte chiropractor Dr. Lisetor.

Taking care of your whole body is the best way to get healthy and stay healthy.  To do this, be sure to include exercise, healthy eating, and consistent chiropractic care in your weekly routines.  Contact Dr. Grant Lisetor of Greater Life Chiropractic to find out more about how chiropractic care combined with exercise can greatly improve your health.

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