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National Napping Day: The Benefits of Taking a Nap

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If you want to cause a reaction in someone, try bringing up Daylight Savings Time. While some Americans prefer the time change, others may like the earlier daylight. Many people have very strong feelings about this biannual occurrence. But no matter your opinion on Daylight Savings Time, everyone can agree: it messes up your sleep schedule. Did you know that after the clocks turn forward each year on a Sunday morning, the next Monday is National Napping Day? In 2020, that’s March 9th. We can all celebrate the holiday by catching up on some much-needed rest. Dr. Grant Lisetor knows the importance of a nap for your overall health, and he encourages napping any time you feel the need and have the time! In honor of National Napping Day, here are some of the holistic benefits to napping.

Restore Your Energy

We’ve all been tired before and know it’s not pleasant. But it can also be dangerous! When NASA studied overtired military personnel, they found that a 40-minute nap increases performance by 34%, but more importantly it increases awareness by 100%! This awareness is important to avoid mistakes and accidents during the day. These can range from small mistakes like sending an email to the wrong person to much more serious errors, like getting into a car accident from dozing off at the wheel. Taking a nap before a drive can reduce the risk of crashing, and experts even recommend that if you feel yourself dozing off while driving, you should pull over for a 20-minute nap right there on the side of the road. Naps will provide an immediate energy boost and can even extend alertness over the course of the day.

Relax and Rejuvenate

While the body needs sleep, so does the mind. Napping is actually shown to have psychological benefits as well and is an easy way to boost your mood and reduce stress. Reducing stress can also lead to lowered instances of more serious issues, such as heart disease. Like chiropractic care, napping can be a remedy for many health concerns, and Greater Life Chiropractic encourages you to have a routine nap schedule when possible. It’s been shown that between 1 PM and 3 PM are the best times to nap in order to improve energy and blood sugar that have been reduced after lunch time.

Retain Information

Studies show that sleep is an important part of your brain’s process for storing memories. If you are learning a lot of information every day, or just want to commit happy times to memory, a nap can be just as effective as a full night’s sleep. Not only does napping help you retain specific pieces of information, but it also can help with the body’s motor memory, sensory perception, and verbal recall. While chiropractic care can improve stamina, sometimes it can be important to rest and give your mind a chance to absorb the day’s happenings as well.

If you have never been to a Charlotte chiropractor like Dr. Grant Liestor, you may not know that your body is full of interconnected and meaningful processes that are entirely dependent on the health of your spine. Just like napping, chiropractic care is an important part of taking care of yourself and keeping your mind and body in alignment. Contact Greater Life Chiropractic today to get a jump start on the benefits of National Napping Day.



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