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Technology in the Office: Insight Millennium Subluxation Station

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Spinal HealthWhen you come into our office for the first time, you may be curious about what your consultation appointment will entail. Well, one of the most important parts of your initial visit is to get a full neurological workup so we can see exactly where you may have nerve interference. For this, we use the most advanced technology, called the Insight Millennium Subluxation Station. When we combine this technology with minimally invasive digital X-rays (as needed), we get a complete picture of how your body is functioning, which gives Dr. Grant Lisetor the most accurate information in order to give you the very best chiropractic care in Charlotte.

What Is the Insight Millennium Subluxation Station?

The Insight is an electronic neurological testing station that gives an inside look of your central nervous system.  It uses sEMG (surface electromyography) technology which measures changes in the spinal column.  It was originally developed by NASA and used to provide spinal information about astronauts, but it has been found to be extremely beneficial for chiropractors who are looking to treat the whole body. With this scanning technology, Dr. Lisetor can make note of any internal changes within your body, be aware of stress or tension in certain parts of the body, establish a baseline of health and function, and determine a plan of action for chiropractic care.

How Does It Work?

With sEMG technology like the Insight Millennium Subluxation Station, electrical activity within your muscles is noted and studied.  Any tension that is detected from the scans could be a sign of a subluxation, or spinal misalignment.  At the same time, an increase in electrical activity from our muscles tensing or bracing is a sure sign of a misalignment.  This incredible piece of technology can accurately and reliably measure muscle tone along the entire spine, as well as pinpoint exact problem areas of overactive or low neuromuscular areas.  Thermal scanning uses completely safe infrared technology to identify problem areas where stress patterns are inconsistent.  If this sounds like a lot, rest assured it is actually a painless and simple process.  In fact, it can be used on young toddlers through the elderly because it is so gentle and safe. Invaluable information produced from this technology will give Charlotte chiropractor Dr. Lisetor all the information he needs to address areas of concern to ease your pain and improve your health.

Why Is This Beneficial?

Chiropractic care has existed and helped others thrive without this type of technology for many years.  But like everything else in our world today, technology has only made chiropractic care better and more efficient. Spinal subluxations affect the function of the nerves and organs in our body.  Removing these subluxations, or misalignments, allows our body to function at higher levels of health so we can feel great.  The use of the Insight Millennium Subluxation Station, along with minimally invasive digital X-rays, can pinpoint exact locations of misalignments that are causing pain or health issues.

The more precise information Dr. Lisetor has, the more accurate adjustments and care recommendations he can make.  When your spine is healthy, your body is healthy.  So call Greater Life Chiropractic today to ask about our state-of-the-art technology and schedule an appointment to see how beneficial it can be for you.

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