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Tennis Elbow Pain & Chiropractic Care

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Tennis elbow is also known as lateral epicondylitis, which is a form of tendonitis in the elbow. It is common in those who play racquet sports, hence its name, but it can also occur from overuse of the elbow in other sports or activities. Tennis elbow causes pain in the upper forearm and outside of the elbow due to the inflammation of the tendon (the lateral epicondyle) that connects the forearm muscles. This tendon helps to bend the wrist and arm, so any straightening of those joints is often painful when an individual has tennis elbow.

It’s important to note that not just tennis player get tennis elbow. As mentioned above, anyone who performs repetitive motions with their wrists or elbows can suffer from lateral epicondylitis. Aside from pain around the elbow, individuals might also experience wrist weakness, discomfort when lifting the arm, pain when bending the arm, difficulty in fully extending the forearm, and general elbow pain, especially when lifting, carrying, or gripping something. This pain can be short-lived, only lasting about 3 weeks, or it can continue for years if it’s not properly treated.

Chiropractic Care for Tennis Elbow

Rest is key for reducing tennis elbow pain, especially short-term. For a long-term solution, the tendon that is inflamed must be dealt with properly. Simply taking an anti-inflammatory or bracing the area isn’t going to get to the root of the problem, which is the nerves that influence the lateral epicondyle tendon.

Most individuals who suffer from tennis elbow have some sort of neck discomfort as well. For those who don’t have neck pain, a cervical misalignment is still likely (remember—lack of pain is not an indication that everything is fine). It’s this misalignment of the spine that interrupts nervous system communication and can cause inflammation in the tendons and lead to tennis elbow.

Individuals Have Experienced Relief from Tennis Elbow Pain Thanks to Chiropractic

Multiple case studies have been done regarding the treatment of tennis elbow with chiropractic care. One study looked at a man who had fallen during a basketball game several weeks before he sought chiropractic care. He reported a quick resolution of his complaints after just one chiropractic adjustment. Another study included a man who had elbow pain for two years and couldn’t complete one round of golf without pain. At 4- and 8-week follow-ups, he noted that he could now play 18 consecutive holes of golf multiple times per week without pain. A middle-aged woman began chiropractic care due to tennis elbow pain and limited mobility caused by repetitive motions at work. Due to consistent chiropractic adjustments, she experienced full resolution of pain and restored mobility. Because of the whole-body improvements that chiropractic brings about, it’s a great way to find relief from the pain of tennis elbow.

A chiropractic adjustment in Charlotte will help improve brain-body communication and decrease inflammation throughout the body. Dr. Grant Lisetor of Greater Life Chiropractic has helped many practice members find relief from various ailments, including tennis elbow, by providing excellent chiropractic care in Charlotte.

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