The Pros and Cons of Trampolines, According to a Chiropractor

When was the last time you jumped on a trampoline? For most people, it was in childhood, maybe at a park or in your backyard. But in recent years, you may have heard mentions of trampolines actually being dangerous. So should you use them? It turns out that while trampolines can be dangerous in some cases, they’re actually a great form of exercise for kids and adults alike. At Greater Life Chiropractic, we know all exercise is a positive step toward bettering your health, and we are here to walk you through the pros and cons of trampolines.

Trampolines and Children

While trampolines are certainly a fun activity, they cause a large number of injuries in children. A 2022 report found that between 2009 and 2018, over 800,000 children in the United States were injured using a trampoline, usually at their own home. These injuries were often bone fractures in the arms and legs, though they could also include lacerations and spinal fractures.

The prevalence of these injuries comes from a variety of scenarios, including falling off the trampoline entirely or crashing into another person during tandem use. Some children were even injured by crawling under a trampoline or being near one when someone bounced off.

If children are permitted to use trampolines, they can be protected by the use of a net and by ensuring only one child is on at a time. If injury does occur, prompt attention is crucial to prevent further injury.

Jumping as Exercise

When it comes to adults, trampolines are more often used in a controlled environment as a form of exercise. Trampolines allow for a person to jump, which is a great form of physical activity, without the pressure on the joints and spine that hard surfaces can cause. Instead, a trampoline reduces joint impact by about 40%, which makes it friendly to the joints and spine.

The key to these benefits is to use the right kind of trampoline, like a rebounder. These are small and low to the ground, which eliminates many of the injury risks that backyard trampolines aimed at children can bring. When viewed as a workout tool, rather than a toy, trampolines can be highly effective.

Trampolines and Your Health

As a renowned Charlotte chiropractor, Dr. Grant Lisetor works with each practice member who visits Greater Life Chiropractic to create a plan focuses on their overall health. This often includes physical activity and how it can be worked into your daily life – a trampoline can be a fun way to exercise without it feeling like a chore. Especially in people who have joint pain and spinal misalignments already, it can be a great option.

Not only do trampolines encourage physical activity, strengthening the body and promoting a healthy lifestyle and weight, but they can also have other benefits like improving bone density and stimulating the lymphatic system.

For more information on whether a trampoline is the right exercise for you, reach out to Greater Life Chiropractic today. We will schedule your first evaluation and answer all your questions with care.


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